Make a Splash With An Under the Sea Party!

Make a Splash With An Under the Sea Party!


Party with the kids beneath the waves with a fun and vibrant Under the Sea Party! Seaweed, bubbles and lots of fishy fun will transport your guests beneath the blue and green waves!







Under the sea party food octopusunder te sea party food Under the sea party food

Marshmallow Octopi: push the ends of eight strawberry laces into the flat side of a large marshmallow. Finish with two chocolate chip or icing eyes.

Seaweed Sticks: thread green grapes at alternating angles onto wooden skewers.

Oyster Biscuits: stick together two round biscuits with a dollop of icing. A blueberry or soft, round sweet makes a great pearl – use it to prop the biscuits open by pushing it into the icing at the join. Add two icing-dot eyes to finish.

Sea Star Sandwiches: cut your sandwiches with star biscuit cutters. Push two raisins into each for eyes.

Sea Cucumbers: cut up lots of cucumbers lengthwise, into batons about as thick as a finger.

Mini Seaweed Centrepieces: Cut green veggies like celery, green peppers or cucumber into long, skinny strips. Bunch the strips together in jam jars and scatter around the table.

Under the Sea Cupcakes: use K&C’s free printable cupcake toppers.

Ocean Jellies: put fish jelly sweets in mini pots of blue jelly!

Nibbles: crisps and dip, biscuits and popcorn will fill them up. Make “fish food” by mixing green baking sprinkles into popcorn to tie nicely into the theme.

Watermelon Sea Stars: cut watermelon with large star biscuit cutters. Stick a wooden lolly stick into each one for extra fun!

The Cake: Kit & Caboodle have cake decorating kits to make decorating the cake a breeze.


Aim to have a mix of active and calmer games. Here are some ideas… you can do most of them using items you already have around the house.

Active Party Games:

Under the sea party gamesDoughnut Eating GameUnder the sea party game

Sea Star Freeze Dance: played as musical statues, with the children freezing into star shapes when the music stops.

Fishing Line: string doughnuts as bait on a long piece of twine. Children try to nibble their doughnuts without using their hands!

Bubble Bounce: children line up in two teams with a balloon “bubble” for each line. They race to pass the balloon along the line, bouncing it in the air to the next child. The team who finishes first wins.

Bubble Pop: children stomp on lengths (or individual squares) of bubble wrap. A very simply activity but one with a big payoff of fun! Add some background music and a bubble machine to up the wow factor!

Water Fight: have a water fight with water pistols and water balloons (if it is warm enough!) Or have an egg and spoon race with water balloons!

Guppy, Guppy, Shark: duck, duck goose with a change of animals. An oldie but a goodie!

Fish Piñata: These are available to buy on amazon and come in a variety of designs. Simply fill with sweets and treats such as stickers, tattoos etc and confetti or torn up tissue paper. Hang the piñata up and let the children whack it with a soft bat to break into the treats!

Quieter Party Games:

Unicorn PartyUnder the sea party game slimeunder the sea party games bath bombs

Bubble Pass: Like hot potato but pass a clear balloon around the circle…the one holding the balloon when the music stops is out! For a twist, add confetti to the balloon, and the last child gets to pop the balloon and release the confetti explosion.

Sea Eel Slime: icky, sticky slimy fun for your guests! Make a batch of slime before the party, using Red Ted Art’s safe slime recipes here.

Star Fish Bath Bombs: get creative with your guests and help them make little star-shaped bath bombs using fairy cake moulds, and send the finished bombs home in their party bags. Easy bath bomb instructions here.

Guess the Sweeties in the Jar: to win the jar of sweeties! Look out for fun fish and star-shaped sweets to go with your theme.

Decorate Fish Shaped Biscuits: messy but fun and they can take home their creations.

Ocean Floor: set out a deep tray full of sand, shells and small sealife figures to encourage creative play.

Ocean Water Beads: fun, little beads that expand in water into squishy balls that children love. Hide small prizes, plastic fish and shells in them for your guests to find, and provide spoons and plastic cups for lots of scooping fun! More on water beads here.

Pass the Parcel: an old favourite! Kit & Caboodle have handmade themed and coloured pass the parcels to save you the hassle of wrapping your own


Water Bead Party ActivityUnder The Sea Party Games Pass the ParcelPass the Parcel


Think about using a mix of blues and seaweed greens for your decorations. Go mad with balloons, (think about using a mix of sizes from teeny tiny to huge) and help the kids imagine that they’re playing with bubbles under the sea. Paper honeycomb decorations come in a variety or shapes and colours and are a lovely way to add colour. You can scatter confetti on the party table if you have it.

Under The Sea Party Decorations Tiny BalloonsUnder The Sea Decorations HoneycombUnder The Sea Party DecorationsUnder the Sea Party Decorations


Make your life easy on Party day by doing as much set up as possible the day before. Sort any food that can be done in advance. Inflate all your balloons the night before (unless you are using helium).

Download K&C’s free Under The Sea Party Printables – bunting, cupcake toppers and a front door sign to help you decorate for your party. We also have exclusive invitations to download and print.

Free Under the Sea Party Printable DecorationsPrintable Under the Sea Party InvitationUnder the Sea Invitation



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