Tutorial: How to make a sprinkle cake

Tutorial: How to make a sprinkle cake

Sprinkle cakes look amazing and are deceptively easy to make. This is one I made for my daughter’s 10th birthday party recently (she loves pandas!)

How to make a sprinkle cake

We made ours with carrot cake and cream cheese icing but any cake icing variety would work. We made a four layered cake to give it plenty of height. I used the carrot cake recipe from the fantastic Hummingbird Bakery. Here’s a link to the recipe (I just left out the walnuts and added another layer.)

What to do:

  • When your cake is assembled, ice the Crumb Layer (who knew about this?) Basically ice a thin layer of icing over the cake that you leave to harden so that your final layer doesn’t pick up crumbs (genius!)
  • Place the cake in the freezer for 15 mins to harden
  • Do your final layer of icing around the sides and top of the cake
  • Place the cake in the freezer again for 15-20 mins.



  • Put the cake on its stand or plate in a baking tray with sides and pour your sprinkles in.


  • Pick up sprinkles and press them gently onto the sides and top of the cake (make sure your hands are dry otherwise the ink will run!)


  • Pour off any remaining sprinkles
  • Press around the bottom to stick any sprinkles that don’t want to come off.


  •  wipe around the cake with a damp cloth
  • That’s it – just top with some cool candles or a lovely cake topper such as this gorgeous panda



Kit & Caboodle have Cake Decorating Kits to make life easier and the Yay Cake Decorating kit comes with sprinkles and those lovely Yay candles!

Take a look at our tutorial on Mini Party Hats for how to make a party hat for your cake topper to party in!




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