Tutorial: How to Make Mini Party Hats

Tutorial: How to Make Mini Party Hats


We can’t get enough of these mini party hats for plastic animals or figurines! They make perfect cake toppers or decoration for the party table and are so quick and simple to do…


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What you need:


  • Coloured or patterned paper
  • Tiny coloured pom poms
  • Scissors
  • Glue or double sided tape




How to make mini party hats:


1. Cut out a small triangle with rounded edges (cut from the corner of your sheet of paper).


2. Wrap it into a cone shape around your thumb


3.  Secure with glue or double sided tape


4. Trim the cone at the bottom to size.


5. Stick on a pom pom


6. Place the hat on your party animal and it is dressed for a party! (You can use a little glue or tape to keep them in place)


These little hats can dress up anything from plastic animals to playmobil ready for a party!



Find Double sided tape at Amazon

Find Tiny pom poms at Amazon

Find Schleich animals at Toys and Learning

Our Dinosaur Roar Cake Decorating Kit has a plastic dinosaur that would love a party hat!



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