Our Top Party Tips

Our Top Party Tips

For a Kids’ Party to Remember!

Chocolate Factory Balloons & garland

1 The Venue

At home is usually the best setting for the birthday child to feel comfortable, plus it is cheaper. You also don’t have the hassle of transporting everything to and from a venue and setting up and clearing up in time. If you have the party at home, choose the room/s to allocate to the party and shut off access to other rooms to limit mess and keep the kids under control!



2 The Guest List

Keep the guest list small. Kids are usually happier with a small intimate gathering of their close friends and big numbers can be noisy and overwhelming. Somewhere between 6 and 12 is the perfect number. Remember that parents will probably stay when the kids are young. Ask for help from friends or family members – someone allocated to taking pictures will free you up and ensure you don’t miss out on those special snaps.


3 Get Your Timing Right

Mornings can be best for younger children and afternoons are probably best for kids over 5. Try a weekday after school if the weekends are getting booked up.


4 Choose a Theme

Kids love a theme. Find out what they are into or choose something that will excite and inspire them. Provide simple dress up for the party guests such as masks or party hats. Decorate with balloons and decorations that match the colour of your theme.

Unicorn Party mix of balloons, diamond honeycombs & garland

Kit & Caboodle have party kits with everything you need to run a party with themes to choose from such as: Dinosaur Roar, Unicorn, Science Lab, Chocolate Factory and Star Wars Galaxy.

We also have Free Party Printables to match each theme.

Chocolate Factory Party Kit

5 Invitations

Get your invitations out early, at least 3 weeks before the big day. Weekends soon get booked up with parties once kids are in school! Make sure you put contact details for RSVP and follow up on people who do not reply. Also ensure you have contact details for parents in case they aren’t staying. Kit & Caboodle have made it easy with print yourself invitations that match our themes.

Science Lab Party Invitation

6 Party Food

Make simple food fun. Provide finger food that kids like to eat such as sandwiches, hot dogs, crisps, carrot sticks etc and make it fun by theming it. Tortilla chips could be dinosaur toenails at a Dinosaur themed party! Take a look at our Party Food Tips Blog or our pinterest page for more ideas.

IMG_3674 (1)     Party Food Ideas

Make sure you find out if any of the kids coming have specific dietary requirements. Decide if you can fit your guests around the table or if you want to feed them in the garden or on a picnic blanket on the floor.  If you think you will have parents stay or adult helpers then provide a little something for them too or they will be delving into the kids supply!

7  The Cake

Decide whether you are going to make your own cake or buy one. Link it to your theme if you have one. K&C have themed Cake Decorating Kits so you can dress up your cake in minutes with a cake topper, candles, edible decorations and popping candy.

Dinosaur Cake Decoration

Pinata cakes that spill out sweeties can provide a fun surprise and are deceptively easy to make

Dailymail Piñata Cakes with Sponge outside and sweets INSIDE


Or what about partying plastic animals or figurines as cake toppers with some mini party hats to make them come alive. Check out our tutorial on how to make mini party hats:

Dinosaur Party

8 Party Activities

Choose some party activities that will be fun but easy to run and simple enough for the kids to understand. Old favourites like Musical Statues or Pass the parcel are always popular as are games like balloon popping to retrieve a prize. Also ensure you have some quieter games like a craft or pin the tail so the whole party isn’t high octane! Take a look at our blog on our favourite Party Games.  You will need approximately 4 activities for a two hour party. Once you have chosen your games gather all the prizes and props you will need. Make the party magical with games that inspire and captivate their imaginations and engage the senses. Try water beads for some sensory fun or games like the chocolate game or flour mountain which are messy sure to get lots of laughs!

Party Game


9 Music

Make a playlist to suit your theme or just get a childrens’ party music compilation lined up to play. Atmospheric music like jungle sounds at a dinosaur party really sets the scene! Kit & Caboodle have themed playlists on spotify to which are the perfect soundtrack at a themed party! Click here to have a listen.


10 Label things

Label your party bags so any prizes that are won during the party can be put away and not lost. (You don’t want to be asked where their little dinosaur is just as the child is leaving the party!) Also label cups so kids don’t keep losing their drink and asking for more!


11 Party Bags

Keep party bags simple. Kit & Caboodle provide a swirly lollipop which kids love and together with the dress up, prizes and other take home items they create at the party, it makes a party bag that will send them home happy!

Chocolate Factory Party Bag Kit

12 Make a checklist

Have a checklist of everything that you need to do in the run up to the party:

  • Invitations
  • Choose menu and order food
  • Music
  • Choose party games and gather props and prizes
  • Cake
  • Write up a running order
  • Dress Up
  • Decorations
  • Party tableware
  • Party bags and treats

and also a checklist for what you will need to do on party day:

  • Prepare the cake
  • Prepare the food
  • Blow up balloons
  • Put up decorations
  • Set the party table
  • Set out activities and party bags
  • Get the Camera out!


13 Involve the kids.

There are lots of ways the birthday child and their siblings can get involved with helping you prepare for the party from writing the invitations to selecting the menu and choosing and preparing the party games. It is a fun activity to do together and helps them to feel involved in their day and not overshadowed by it!

Relax and enjoy watching the smile on your child’s face– remember it is only once a year!

Unicorn Party

Kit & Caboodle Party Kits are for 8, 12 or 16 children and provide the whole kit & caboodle. They are packed full of everything you could think of to run a themed party from start to finish. Plus we provide party tips and checklists for each party to help you prepare and run the party smoothly!


Each Themed Kit & Caboodle Party Kit contains:

The Decorations: a cheerful mix of Balloons & Decorations including giant and tiny balloons in some kits. Free Party Printable food/place cards and bunting to match your theme are also available to download on our website.

The Dress Up: fun dressing up for all the Kids

The Party Table: a tablecover, paper plates, cups, straws, napkins and confetti to sprinkle over

The Fun: 3 creative Party Activities with props and prizes plus instruction cards and a card with other party game ideas…

The Party Bags: Swirly lollipops, party bags for all their loot which together with prizes, the dress up and take home items they have created will be sure to send them all home happy!

So You Can Say thanks:  Thank you stickers and for when it is all over, thank you cards to send to your guests.

And more…



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