Our Top 10 Kids Party Games

Our Top 10 Kids Party Games

We all want to keep the kids engaged and entertained at a party. Here are our top 10 games that will be a hit with the kids and give you a party to remember!





Balloons are something we all have at a party and kids of all ages love to play with them…

Chocolate Factory Balloons & garland

1 Balloon Popping.

Fill balloons with fun toys or sweets and get the kids to sit or stomp on the balloons to burst them and retrieve their prize. An alternative is to tie balloons to the kids ankles and get them to try and burst each others balloon while protecting their own…Kit & Caboodle’s Unicorn, Science Lab and Dinosaur Roar Party Kits include all the props and instructions for various Balloon popping games.

Dinosaur Party Activity


2. Keep Balloon in the Air

This is simple but fun. Kids have to bat their balloon to keep it in the air and the last one to let their balloon touch the floor wins a prize… Kit & Caboodle’s Star Wars Galaxy party kit includes all the props and instructions for this game with force sphere balloons and inflatable space sabres!

Light Sabre and Force Sphere Balloon


3 Balloon Races

Line the children up in two lines and race to pass the balloon along the line, keeping it up in the air. You could add extra challenges like only using elbows! An alternative is to pass the balloon along the line over the head then through the legs. The prize goes to the team who finishes first.



Here are some old favourites…

4 Pass the Parcel.

Pass a parcel around the circle and when the music stops the child with the parcel opens a layer. Continue until you get to the last layer and the prize. Top tip: Keep a list of the childrens names nearby to tick off so you can keep track of who has had a go. Another tip: If you don’t think they can sit still for long then make it more active by having them pass it through legs or do a funny pose when it is their turn…Kit & Caboodle have handmade themed Pass the Parcels to save you the trouble of all that wrapping! 

Unicorn Horn Pass the Parcel

Unicorn Party Pass the Parcel

5 Hot potato

Find an object to be the Hot Potato (scrunched up tin foil will do.) Children pass it as quickly as they can around a circle while music is playing. When the music, stops the child who is holding the Hot Potato is out!


6 Musical Statues

In this classic party game children dance to music and when the music stops they freeze. Any who wobble or are the last to freeze are out. The last one dancing wins a prize! Top tip: you could give out a small sweet prize to those children being excluded so there are no hard feelings! Also children who want to carry on dancing can do so in another area so as not to confuse the judging!



Kids love playing with food and getting messy!

7  The Doughnut Eating Game

String up some doughnuts and see who can be first to eat their doughnut with hands held behind backs!

Party Game


8 Flour Mountain

Fill a pudding bowl with flour and pack it in tightly. Turn the bowl upside down on a plate so you have a mountain of flour. Place a jelly baby on top. Children take turns to take away flour with a spoon without disturbing the jelly baby. The one who knocks it off has to eat the jelly baby without using their hands and gets a face full of flour!


Party Game

Top tip: we found that the children wanted to knock the jelly baby off in this game so once it had gone we placed a jelly baby for each of them in the flour and they all had a go at eating one and getting covered in flour! Another tip: watch out for flour getting in children’s eyes and clear this away quickly unless you want it to descend into a flour fight! 


9 The Maltesers Game:

This is a good game for all ages. Place a large bowl of maltesers in the middle of the circle of children. Each child needs a straw and a paper cup. They roll a dice until someone gets a six. When they do, they have to try to get as many maltesers into their cup by sucking through the straw. They keep doing this until another person rolls a six and starts having a go. This is lots of fun as children keep laughing as they try to suck up the maltesers!


10 The Chocolate Game

Children sit in a circle around a bar of chocolate. They take turns to roll the dice. When they get double or a six they must put on a hat, scarf and gloves and try to eat from a bar of chocolate with a knife and fork! This continues until the next person rolls a double or a six…Top tip: have one knife and give the children a fork each for when it is their turn.

Party GameParty Game


Other fun ideas…

  • Guess How Many Sweets are in the Jar to win the jar of sweeties
  • An Obstacle course
  • Bubble wrap Race: trying not to pop the bubbles on a roll of bubble wrap
  • Toilet Paper Mummies: Children race to make mummies by wrapping each other up with toilet paper
  • Apple Bobbing: bob for apples in a tub of water
  • Decorate shaped biscuits or Cupcakes
  • In the Summer freeze some toys (such as plastic animals) and have the children try to break the toys out by spraying with water pistols or digging with spoons…


It can be good to start with a craft or calm activity, which helps ease quieter kids into the party and a piñata can make a good finale!

Take a look at Kit & Caboodle’s themed party kits which are a complete party in a box and include everything you need to run a fun party from start to finish.

Science Lab Party Kit

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