Throwing A Woodland Party To Remember

Throwing A Woodland Party To Remember

Woodland Party


Kids love woodland animals, and there’s so much inspiration out there for throwing a brilliant woodland party. To save you trawling the internet we’ve gathered our favourites here, along with some of our own ideas and some general advice to help you throw a fantastically foxy woodland party to delight your child.




Plan the menu. Think about how you’ll serve the food. Will there be a buffet or will the children be served at table? At my son’s recent woodland party I packed party boxes with picnic-style food for each child, which was a big success.

Woodland Party Food Box

However you serve the food keep the main simple, sticking to crowd pleasers like sausages, hummus and pittas or pizza. Don’t underestimate the appeal of a humble sandwich cut into fun shapes with a biscuit cutter! Make sure to check with parents ahead of time and cater for children with food allergies and preferences.

Prep everything you can the day before and don’t forget platters of fruit or colourful veggies. Most vegetables can be cut the day before and stored (wrapped in a damp paper towel) in a plastic container in the fridge. Sweet treats, popcorn and crisps can be poured into sharing bowls or divided into fun single-serving paper cups or bags for easy eating.

Woodland Party FoodWoodland PartyWoodland Party Fox Cake

Ideas for woodland party food:

Squirrel-shaped gingerbread biscuits. Delia’s gingerbread biscuit recipe is the very best for holding its shape while cooking, and tastes gorgeous too!

Cupcakes decorated to look like mushrooms

Toadstool radishes mixed in with other veggies

Pom Bears – For an extra pop of colour think about choosing the flavour that comes in bags that best match your tableware and decorations.

Choose the party activities.  Aim to mix both active and calmer choices. Here are some ideas for woodland party games and a couple adaptions of old favourites …you can play most of them using items you already have around the house:

Active Woodland Party Game Ideas

Woodland Party Games

Fox Tail Stomp  Tie lengths of orange crepe paper streamers around the children’s waists as tails. Everyone tries to stomp on each other’s tail to tear it off. The last one to still have a tail is the winner.

Pinecone Hunt  Hide pinecones and award a prize to the child who finds the most.

Musical Bears  Musical statues with a twist. When the music stops the children freeze into bear poses.

Woodland Party Games

Puzzle Search  Hide the pieces of a woodland themed puzzle. The children try to find the pieces and bring them to where the puzzle is being assembled. Everyone tries to fit their own pieces in. Award a prize to the child who places the last piece.

What’s the Time Mr. Bear?  Played like What’s the Time Mr. Wolf, but with a different furry, four-footed animal.

Fox, Fox, Bear  Played the same as Duck, Duck, Goose but with two of our favourite woodland animals.

Quiet Woodland Party Game Ideas

Woodland Party Games

Guess How Many Poops  Fill a jar with Malteasers and stick on a label reading “Bear Poop”. Ask the children to guess how many bear poops are in the jar. The closest guess wins the jar.


Campfire Songs  Not so quiet, but gives the kids a chance to sit in one spot for a bit. The children sit cross-legged in a circle and take turns humming a favourite song. The child who guesses the song gets to hum the next one. If any of the adults have a guitar you can finish up with a good old-fashioned campfire singalong.

Woodland Party GamesSticker Mosaics  Print out woodland themed colouring pages and supply colourful sticky labels for the children to “colour in” the pages. Here’s a cute tree image from the Woodland Trust that would work well for younger children.

Woodland Piñata  A piñata can be the star of the party, and comes in all kinds of shapes. For a woodland party look for bears, flowers or pine trees (if it’s nowhere near Christmas time you might even find one of these on sale). Or if you fancy a pinecone piñata, pimp any round piñata with our easy tutorial.

Pass The Parcel  If you don’t fancy wrapping the layers yourself, we have a rainbow of brightly-coloured pass the parcels to save you some time.

Green Pass the ParcelPass the Parcel

Woodland Party Fox Felt MaskWrite a running order. We reckon two hours is the perfect time for a party to last, and between six and eight activities should fill the time.

Turn on the background music before the party starts, and save yourself some time downloading tunes by using our Party Time! playlist on Spotify. Hand out fox masks, bunny tails or dress up items (if you’re using them) to your guests as they arrive and begin with a calm craft or sensory activity. Try a pot of glittery play dough or water beads to keep them occupied until stragglers arrive.


Go for a woodsy colour scheme with lots of green and woodgrain patterns. A sign reading DON’T FEED THE BEARS will add some woodland fun to your food table, and you can use small pine branches or round slices of wood (ideally with the bark still on) to bring nature inside.

Get a head start. Make your life easy on Party Day by doing as much set up as possible the day before. Sort any food that can be done in advance, including the cake. Decorate a gorgeous cake in minutes with our Fox Cake Kit.

If you’re not using helium, inflate your balloons the night before. Most latex balloons will look just as fresh the next day, except for the clear ones (which should always be inflated as close to party time as possible).

If you have giant balloons check out our video on how to make inflating them a breeze.

 Woodland Party Printables

Download free printable bunting, woodgrain cupcake toppers and a woodland welcome sign to help decorate for your party.






Have fun! Make sure you capture the magic of the day by asking another adult to take pictures of the festivities, while you focus on the birthday child and their guests.

We hope you have a fun woodland party and your little one has a big day to remember!

Woodland Party


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