Transport your guests to a magical winter wonderland with play snow, snow balloons, and edible snowballs!

 Narnia Party


Narnia Party FoodParty Foodsweet wand

Narnia Shapes: cut your sandwiches, biscuits or fruit (like melon) with snowflake, lion or crown biscuit cutters. We love Delia’s gingerbread cookie recipe because it holds its shape well in baking and tastes gorgeous!

Fruit Wands: Make fruity wands by threading berries on to skewers and adding a watermelon star at the top. This could even be a party activity for the kids!

Narnian Sweets: serve Turkish delight or white chocolate buttons or white bon bon sweets  for snow.

Edible Snowballs: Tunnock’s Snowballs would look fab as a table centre!

Snowy Trees: Cauliflower would make good snow covered trees and would tie in to the white theme.

Narnia Cupcakes: use K&C’s free printable Narnia cupcake toppers.

Marshmallow Wands: Thread marshmallows on to skewers for Sweetie Wands

Sparkly Nibbles: crisps and dip, biscuits and popcorn will fill them up. Try adding edible glitter to popcorn for some sparkle!

Fairy Lights: fairy lights on the table and around the room would set the magical scene.

Snowy Scene: sift snow (icing sugar) on to their plates or on the table.

The Cake: Kit & Caboodle have a Polar Bear Cub  or Stars Cake Decorating Kit to make decorating the cake a breeze.

Polar Bear Cake Topper     Winter Joy Collection   Stars Cake Decoration



Aim to have a mix of active and calmer games. Here are some ideas… you can do most of them using items you already have around the house.

Active Party Games:

Narnia PartyParty GameNarnia Party

FREEZE TAG: Freeze when you are it!

BEAVER, BEAVER, WOLF: Play a variation on Duck, Duck, Goose.

Children sit or stomp on white snowball balloons to pop them! You could fill them with small prizes or confetti or even fake snow for added fun!

SNOWBALL PASS: Children line up in two teams with a white balloon for each line. They race to pass the snowball balloon along the line, first over their heads and then through their legs! The team who finishes first wins.

MAKE A SNOWMAN: Divide children into pairs and get one to wrap their partner up in toilet paper to make them into a snowman. The first to finish wins!

BALLOON RACE: Line the children up in two lines with a balloon for each line. Have a relay race keeping a balloon up in the air the whole time! You could make it harder by getting them to only use their elbows etc.

ASLAN’S QUEST: Make a treasure hunt trail with clues to find hidden prizes.

SNOW MOUNTAIN: fill a pudding bowl with flour and then turn over to create a flour mountain. Place a jelly baby on top and children take turns to remove a spoonful of flour without toppling the jelly baby. The one who knocks the jelly baby off must eat it with hands behind their back and gets a face full of flour!


Quieter Party Games:

Narnia Partyfake snowIMG_6008

SLEEPING ASLAN LIONS: Children have to lie still and anyone who moves is out!

WHAT NARNIA CHARACTER AM I: Write some Narnia characters on pieces of paper. One child has a character’s name, that they have not seen, fixed to their forhead. They ask the other children yes or no questions (Am I a Narnian? Am I human Am I an animal etc.) and try to work out who they are. If they guess correctly it is the next child’s turn.

GLITTERY SNOW-DOUGH: Add glitter to white Play-Doh

PASS THE PARCEL: an old favourite! Kit & Caboodle have handmade snowball pass the parcel in our Narnia Party Kit to save you the hassle of wrapping your own.

PLAY SNOW: make your own snow with just two ingredients thanks to The Imagination Tree. Get the kids to help or do it in advance and put your snow in a large container, perhaps with some Narnia characters or animals.

SWEETIE RACE: Suck up sweets like smarties or jelly beans with a straw and collect as many as you can in your paper cup before the time runs out!

GUESS HOW MANY SWEETIES ARE IN THE JAR: to win the jar of sweeties!

SNOWBALL WATER BEADS: these are fun, little beads that expand in water to squishy balls that children love. There are white water beads in the K&C Party Kit. Find out more about water beads

Pass-the-Parcel-Snowball-snowyNarnia Party Activity



Narnia Party DecorationsSnow BalloonsNarnia Party

Choose a wintry colour scheme, the K&C Narnia Party Kit has a mixture of white, silver, turquoise and aqua and also includes snow balloons.

Have lots of  fun tiny white balloons to represent snow for the children to play with.

Create a wardrobe wall hanging for the guests to walk through. Draw a wardrobe on some old sheets then hang over a doorway with a slit so the children can come through the wardrobe to the party room. You could even hang some (fake) fur coats on a rail for them to push their way through!

Make your life easy on Party day by doing as much set up as possible the day before. Sort any food that can be done in advance, including the cake. Save time on party day by inflating your balloons the night before (unless you are using helium).

Print free Narnia party decorations (bunting, cupcake toppers and a front door sign) to help you decorate your party. K&C also have exclusive Narnia invitations to download and print.

Printable Narnia InvitationNarnia Party PrintablesFree Party Printables

For a shortcut to a fun and stylish Narnia party Kit & Caboodle have a Narnia Party Kit, complete with snow balloons, snowball fight activity, snowball pass the parcel and snowy water beads as well as stylish tableware, cool glitter crowns, and the all important party bags with goodies! We hope you have a Narnia party to remember!

Narnia PartyNarnia Party Goodies

Narnia party

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