Throw a Very Merry Christmas Party

Throw a Very Merry Christmas Party

Christmas Party

Christmas parties come in all shapes and sizes…from small Christmas morning gatherings with the family to big celebrations with friends. This year keep the kids happy and entertained with indoor snowball fights, popcorn chains, and make-your-own snow!


Christmas Party FoodChristmas Party Marshmallow PopChristmas Party Food

Festive Shapes: cut your sandwiches, biscuits or fruit (like melon) with star and snowflake biscuit cutters. We love Delia’s gingerbread cookie recipe because it holds its shape well in baking and tastes gorgeous!

Meringue Snowballs: use icing to sandwich together two bite-sized meringues. Find pre-made meringues at the shops or make them yourself following this easy meringue recipe from BBC Good Food.

Christmas Pudding Bonbons: Tear grape-sized pieces from a store-bought Christmas pudding and roll them into balls. Dip the balls in melted chocolate to coat. Finish with a small puddle of white icing on the centre top of each. If you’re feeling creative, add two tiny holly leaves with writing icing.

Marshmallow Snowmen: Thread three large, white marshmallows on a skewer, add a face and buttons with melted chocolate or icing, and finish with a scarf made of strawberry laces.

Reindeer Carrots: Buy a bunch of carrots with their tops still on. Use a carrot peeler to remove the skins and serve them in a gorgeous heap on a plate.

Marshmallow Pops: Stick a marshmallow on the end of a pretty paper straw. Lightly brush the top with water, runny icing or edible glue and dredge the marshmallow in sparkly cake decorating sprinkles.

Nibbles: Tiny cocktail sausages wrapped in bacon, hummus and veggie sticks, pretzels and popcorn will fill them up.

The Cake: Kit & Caboodle have Cake Decorating Kits to make decorating your cake a breeze.

Stars Christmas Party Cake Decorating KitPolar Bear Christmas Party Cake Kit


Aim to have a mix of active and calmer games. Here are some ideas… you can do most of them using items you already have around the house.

Indoor Snowballs Christmas Party ActivityChristmass Party ActivityChristmas Pass the Parcel

Pass the Snowball: Everyone lines up in two teams and races to pass white balloon “snowballs” down their lines, keeping them in the air! (Make it harder for older kids by only allowing them to use their elbows!) If the balloon goes on the floor it has to go back to the start. The team who finishes first wins.

Brussels Sprout Race:  Play this as a traditional egg and spoon race, but substitute a raw sprout for the egg.

Indoor Snowball Fight: Make or buy enough white pompoms for everyone to have two each. Hand out the “Indoor Everlasting Snowballs” and duck for cover (or join in!). If you’ve never made pompoms before you can get pompom makers in lots of sizes at most craft shops and haberdasheries, or this video tutorial will show you how to make them with bits of cardboard that you already have around the house.

Popcorn Chains:  Put a festive film on the television, pop up a bowl of popcorn (or buy a couple bags) and gather everyone together to make these edible garlands. Use blunt, large-eyed needles and thread onto lengths of waxed dental floss. Alternate with cranberries or jelly sweets for spots of colour.

Frozen Prize Ball:  Using a roll of cling film, wrap up lots of small wrapped sweets and fun prizes. Start with the best prize in the middle and keep adding prizes as you go, winding in all directions without cutting the cling film. Use more than one roll for a giant ball. To play, sit in a circle and give the ball to one person to start unwrapping. The player to their right rolls a dice, and keeps rolling until they roll a six, at which point they pass the dice to their right and get to start unwrapping the ball themselves. Game play continues until the entire ball is unwrapped. Players keep all the prizes they unwrap during their turn. To make things more difficult, players can put on oven gloves or mittens during their turn.

How Many Reindeer Poops: Fill a jar with Malteasers or similar, and ask the children to guess how many there are. The closest guess wins the jar.

Indoor Snowmen: Make up a batch of fake snow in a large tray and let everyone make tiny snowmen with it. The Imagination Tree has an easy recipe and tutorial here. Or go for a bowl of glittery white playdough for more snowy fun.

Pass the Parcel: an old favourite! Kit & Caboodle have handmade snowball pass the parcels to save you the hassle of wrapping your own.

Pass the Parcel snowballSnowball Pass the Parcel


Metallic Christmas Party DecorationsChristmas

Bring out all your silver and gold decorations and serving pieces for extra festive bling!


Christmas KitFor a shortcut to a fun and stylish Christmas party Kit &  Caboodle have a Christmas Party Kit complete with shimmery balloons, silver confetti, Snowball Pass The Parcel and Meri Meri confetti crackers!







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