Throw a fun Science Party!

Throw a fun Science Party!

Ideas for a cool and modern science party that will thrill your little scientists with fruit molecules, coke geysers, fizzing bath bombs and corn flour slime!

 Science Lab Party



Science Shapes: cut your sandwiches, biscuits or fruit (like melon) with flower biscuit cutters to make them into molecules. We love Delia’s gingerbread cookie recipe because it holds its shape well in baking and tastes gorgeous!

Edible Fruit Molecules: Use cocktail sticks to connect grapes, blueberries, raspberries or blackberries and create fruity molecules. This could even be a party activity for the kids!

DNA Pasta: serve pasta salad with fuisilli pasta

H20: label your water bottles H20

Serve atoms: These could be sweets such as smarties or fruity atoms such as berries or melon balls for a healthier alternative.

Scientific Cupcakes: use K&C’s free printable Science Lab cupcake toppers.

Nibbles: crisps and dip, biscuits and popcorn will fill them up. Try adding popping candy to popcorn for explosive pop corn!

The Cake: Kit & Caboodle have a Happy Cake Decorating Kit to make decorating the cake a breeze.

Cake Decorating Kit


Aim to have a mix of active and calmer games. Here are some ideas… you can do most of them using items you already have around the house.

Active Party Games:

IMG_7543-(1)Dinosaur Party GamesParty GameIMG_2881


Molecule Stomp: Lay out a sheet of bubble wrap and let the kids pop all the bubbles. You can cut the bubble wrap into individual squares and give a prize to the first child to pop all their molecules! Use a bubble machine to blow bubbles at the same for added wow factor!

Mentos Coke Geyser Explosion: Add 5 or 6 mentos to a 2 litre bottle of coke then stand back as the coke will explode! (Best to do this outside!)

Excited Molecules Balloon Race: children line up in two teams and race to pass balloon “molecules” down their lines, keeping them in the air! (Make it harder for older kids by only allowing them to use their elbows!) If the balloon goes on the floor it has to go back to the start. The team who finishes first wins.

Molecule Tag: Children play a game of tag and create molecules by linking arms when they have been tagged. When they have a molecule of 4 children then they start again with a new “it”.

Flour Mountain: fill a pudding bowl with flour and then turn over to create a flour mountain. Place a jelly baby on top and children take turns to remove a spoonful of flour without toppling the jelly baby. The one who knocks the jelly baby off must eat it with hands behind their back and gets a face full of flour!

Atom Piñata: You could turn a football piñata into an atom by covering with tissue paper. Simply fill with sweets and treats such as stickers, tattoos and confetti then hang the piñata up and let the children whack it with a soft bat to break into the treats. 

Quieter Party Games:

bath bombParty Gamebath bombIMG_6008

Cornflour Slime Experiment: Place 50g cornflour per child in a bowl. Add 55ml of water. (Optional: add a few drops of food colouring to the water if you want it coloured). Mix together and enjoy playing with the gloopy slime! (Do not dispose of down the sink – place in a zip lock bag and put in the bin).

Make Fizzing Bath Bombs: Follow our tutorial on how to make fun bath bombs and the kids can take home their creations!

Sweetie Race: Suck up sweets like smarties or jelly beans with a straw and collect as many as you can in your paper cup before the time runs out!

Guess How Many Sweetie atoms are in the Jar: to win the jar of sweeties!

Pass the Parcel: an old favourite! Kit & Caboodle have handmade atom pass the parcels to save you the hassle of wrapping your own.

Water Beads: these are fun, little beads that expand in water to squishy balls that children love. Find out more about water beads

Science Atom Pass the Parcelwater-beads



Science PartyScience partyIMG_7525

Choose a bright colour scheme, the K&C Science Lab Party Kit has a mixture of yellow, turquoise and orange. Play with scale by mixing balloons of different sizes, from the tiniest minies to the massive metre-tall ones. Check out our easy video tutorial on how to inflate giant balloons.

Make your life easy on Party day by doing as much set up as possible the day before. Sort any food that can be done in advance, including the cake. Save time on party day by inflating your balloons the night before (unless you are using helium).

Print free Science Lab party decorations (bunting, cupcake toppers and a front door sign) to help you decorate your party. K&C also have exclusive Science invitations to download and print.

Free Science Lab Party PrintablesScience Lab Party Invitation

For a shortcut to a fun and stylish dinosaur party Kit & Caboodle have a Science Lab Party Kit, complete with vibrant giant and tiny balloons, edible sweetie molecules, exploding balloons, fizzing experiment as well as stylish tableware, cool science goggles, and the all important party bags with goodies! We hope you have a Science party to remember!

Science Lab PartyScience PartyScience Party Bag




Science Party

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