Scrumptious Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Party

Scrumptious Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Party

Charlie and the chocolate factory party



We love Roald Dahl’s classic book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and it’s great inspiration for a kids’ party. Here are some ideas to help you throw a bright and unforgettable chocolate factory party with chocolate fountains, lickable wallpaper scented bubbles and doughnut eating races!






Chocolate Factory Party Food Ideas

No one’s going to pretend that a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory party isn’t all about the sweets, but we’ll mix in some foods that aren’t made entirely of sugar to keep your little guests from going completely bonkers!

Party Food Ideas

Chocolate Fountain: for pride of place on your food table. Make sure you have lots of berries, chopped up fruit and marshmallows to dip.

Chocolate Sandwiches: bread + chocolate spread = happy kids

Sweet Shapes: cut fruit like watermelon or sandwiches with sweetie shaped biscuit cutters.

Fruit & Veggie Flowers: skewered fruits and vegetables shaped with biscuit cutters might just tempt them.

Blueberries: serve a large bowl of blueberries as a homage to Veruca Salt

Watermelon Lollipops: cut watermelon circles with biscuit cutters and put them on the ends of wooden ice lolly sticks. Or cut out watermelon stars and thread blueberries on to a wooden cocktail stick finishing with the star for fruity wands. The kids could make these themselves as a party activity!

Augustus Gloop Gingerbread Men: Dip gingerbread men biscuits in melted chocolate!

Edible Toadstools or flowers: Cake decorating flowers or toadstools would look great scattered on the party table for them to pick and eat! You could even place them on some desiccated coconut dyed green for grass!

Nibbles: crisps and dip, biscuits and popcorn will fill them up. Try adding popping candy to the popcorn for a fizz whizzing surprise!

Edible Bowls: Serve food in brandy snap baskets, wafer bowls or cup cones that they can eat when they finish!
charlie and the chocolate factory party ideas

Fizzy Lifting Drink: draw or print out Fizzy Lifting Drink labels and stick them to bottles of any fizzy drink or water.

Chocolate Milk: serve chocolate milk in mini bottles with fun paper straws. For extra wow-factor thread frosted and sprinkled mini-doughnuts on the straws and rest them on the tops of your bottles. Or use Dr Moo Quick Milk Magic Milk Straws that turn milk chocolaty!

Magic Colour Changing Drinks: place a few drops of different food colouring in the kids cups and cover with ice. Pour over water or lemonade and see the drinks turn different colours!


Chocolate Factory Party Activities

Aim to have a mix of active and calmer games. Here are some ideas… you can do most of them using items you already have around the house.

Chocolate Factory Party Active Games:

Charlie and the chocolate factory partycharlie and the chocolate factory partywilly Wonka party gameHow to make a sweetie piñata

Doughnut Eating: string up some doughnuts and suspend at the appropriate height for the children. With hands placed behind their backs, see who can make Augustus Gloop proud by being the first to finish a whole doughnut!

Flour Mountain: fill a pudding bowl with flour and pack it in tightly. Turn the bowl upside down on a plate so you have a mountain of flour. Place a jelly baby on top. Children take turns to take away flour with a spoon without disturbing the jelly baby. The one who knocks it off has to eat the jelly baby without using their hands and gets a face full of flour!

Piñata: These are available to buy on amazon in a variety of designs. You could buy any round piñata such as a football and stick tissue paper on it to turn it into a sweetie piñata. Follow the instructions on our blog to make your own sweetie piñata. Simply fill with sweets and treats such as stickers, tattoos etc and confetti or torn up tissue paper if you like. Then hang the piñata up and let the children whack it with a soft bat to break it open and get the goodies!

Lickable Wallpaper: Stick rows of candy strips on a wall using sticky name labels. The children find their names and start licking! Lickable wallpaper activity available in our Chocolate Factory Party Kit.

Sweetie Balloon Race: Children line up in two teams with a balloon for each line. They race to pass the sweetie balloon along the line, first over their heads and then through their legs! The team who finishes first wins.

Sweetie Straw Game: Put some small sweets in bowls for each of the kids to suck with a straw and drop as many as they can in their cups. Give them a time limit or assign point values to different colours if you like. This is quite tricky so might be best for older children and make sure you use light sweets!

Bubbles: If you have a bubble machine or bubble blower this can be fun and reminiscent of the fizzy lifting bubbles in the Gene Wilder film. You could even add a few drops of vanilla or peppermint essential oil to the bubble mixture for wonka-esque scented bubbles! If you have bubble wrap you could put this on the floor for added whizz-popping fun!

Chocolate Factory Party Quiet Games

Party GameParty GameChocolate Factory Party

Playdough Chocolate Factory: set out pots of playdough, biscuit cutters, and a stack of empty chocolate trays so that the kids can make their own fantastical sweetie creations. This easy Instructables tutorial will help you make your own dough.

Guess How Many Sweets In The Jar: fill the jar with colourful sweets. The closest guess wins the jar of sweeties!

The Chocolate Game: children sit in a circle around a bar of chocolate. They take turns to roll the dice. When they get double or a six they must put on a hat, scarf and gloves and try to eat from a bar of chocolate with a knife and fork! This continues until the next person rolls a double or a six…Top tip: have one knife and give the children a fork each for when it is their turn.

Jelly Bean Taste Test: blindfold children and have them eat jelly beans and guess the flavour!

Design Your Own Sweetie: provide pieces of coloured card pre-cut into sweetie shapes and glue to stick on an assortment of pom poms, glitter, stickers, buttons and blank paper. Add crayons and markers, and just wait to see what sorts of Wonka-tastic designs they can come up with.

Candy Necklaces: thread strawberry laces with sweets or fruit loops for necklaces they can wear and eat! We have a Candy Necklace Activity in our Chocolate Factory Party Kit.

Pass the Parcel: an old favourite! Kit & Caboodle have handmade themed sweetie pass the parcels to save you the hassle of wrapping your own.

 Sweetie Pass the ParcelPass the Parcel



Chocolate Factory Party Decorations and Set Up

balloonsIMG_9341charlie and the chocolate factory party

Give a nod to the 1971 film with bright helium balloon in retro colours. Wrap some balloons in cellophane for oversized sweets. Set up a candy store in a corner of your room and let the children choose treats from it as game prizes. Giant balloons are lots of fun and will make the kids feel like mini Mike Tevees!
Make your life easy on party day by doing as much set up as possible before the party. Sort any food that can be done in advance. If you’re not using helium, inflate your balloons the night before. If you have giant balloons, check out our video to make inflating them a breeze.

Download free Kit & Caboodle chocolate factory printable decorations: bunting, cupcake toppers and a front door sign, to help you decorate your party. We also have Printable Chocolate Factory Invitations!

Free Chocolate Factory Party Printables

Printable Chocolate Factory Invitation

For a shortcut to a fun and stylish Chocolate Factory party, Kit & Caboodle have a Chocolate Factory Party Kit packed full of goodies like likeable wallpaper, edible necklaces, giant and tiny balloons that will delight and surprise your guests!

Chocolate Factory KitChocolate Factory PartyChocolate Factory Party Bag


We hope your little Oompa Loompas have a fantastic party!

Chocolate Factory Party
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