Throw An Out Of This World Star Wars Party

Throw An Out Of This World Star Wars Party

Transport your guests to a galaxy far far away with jelly Darth Vaders, giant balloons, Han in carbonite and Jedi training! Here are some tips and inspiration to help you throw an epic Star Wars party, guaranteed to make you the most popular parent in the galaxy!

Star Wars Party


Star Wars Party FoodStar Wars Party FoodStar Wars Party Food

Starry Blueberry Tarts – Make bite-sized blueberry tarts covered in shortcrust stars. The blueberry compote has a nice nearly black-colour that works well for the Star Wars theme.

Tower of Oreos – Use loads of these Dark Side/Light Side biscuits for a striking focal point on your sweets table. Arrange them in piles around a cake tin to stabalise your stacks.

Jelly Vaders – Use silicone ice moulds to make mini jellies shaped like our favourite baddie.

Fruit Light Sabers – Made from blueberries, green grapes or raspberries for fruity lightsabers.

Star crisps – Walker’s makes a yummy baked version.

Han Solo in Carbonite – Han Solo toy trapped in green jelly “Carbonite”.

Space Popcorn – Made by mixing edible glitter, star-shaped cake sprinkles and popping candy into plain popcorn.

Ham Solo Sandwiches – You could use star biscuit cutters for star shaped sandwiches.

Leia Buns – Small sandwiches made on mini bagels.

Thermal Detonators – Cheese puff balls to you and me.

Yoda Soda & Vaderade – Clear pitchers filled with kiwi or lime juice mixed with lemonade (Yoda Soda) and purple grape juice or ribena with lemonade (Vaderade).

The Cake: Kit & Caboodle have a Stars Cake Decorating Kit to make decorating the cake a breeze.

Stars Cake DecorationParty FoodStar Wars Party Food


Aim to have a mix of active and calmer games. Here are some ideas… you can do most of them using items you already have around the house.

Active Party Games:

Star Wars Party GamesStar Wars Party GameStar Wars Party

HAN IN CARBONITE: The dastardly Jabba the Hut has frozen our hero in Carbonite, and it’s up to your guests to save him. Freeze a plastic container half full of water. Add Han and fill to the top then freeze again -swirl in some glitter, confetti stars and food colouring for extra fun. The children use water pistols and salt to melt the ice and free Han. Freeze several days in advance to ensure the water is completely frozen through. This activity works best outside, so better for summer parties.

JEDI TRAINING COURSE:  The children take turns navigating an obstacle course. Give prizes for speed or for completing the course. For extra fun, place a balloon for each child at one end for the children to retrieve and bring back to the start.

USE THE FORCE: Using the Force (and hands or lightsabres) the children try to keep their balloons in the air as long as possible. Older children may find this too easy, so have them knock their opponents’ balloons away while still trying to keep their own afloat!

WHAT’S THE TIME MR VADER?:  Played like What’s the Time Mr. Wolf, but with everyone’s favourite baddie.

JEDI, JEDI, SITH:  Just like Duck, Duck, Goose, but with characters from the films.

DEATH STAR STOMP: Children sit or stomp on black or silver balloons to pop them! You could fill them with small prizes or confetti for added fun!

PLANET PASS: Children line up in two teams with a balloon for each line. They race to pass the balloon along the line, first over their heads and then through their legs! The team who finishes first wins.

Quieter Party Games:

Party Game IdeasStar Wars PartyStar Wars Party

GALAXY PLAY-DOH: Add glitter to black or dark blue play-doh to make galaxy dough or try making your own with this Instructables tutorial.

YODA SAYS:  Played the same as Simon Says – when a child follows an order that doesn’t begin, “Yoda says”, they are out.

PASS THE PARCEL: If you don’t have the time to wrap all the layers, use our Space Rock Pass the Parcel to make your life easier.

WHAT STAR WARS CHARACTER AM I?:  Write character names on pieces of paper. Fix a paper on a child’s forehead with a plaster or masking tape without letting them see the name. They ask the other children yes or no questions (Am I human? Am I a Jedi?, etc.) and try to work out who they are. If they guess correctly, it’s the next child’s turn.

HOT ASTEROID:  A variation of Hot Potato. Children pass around a silver asteroid balloon or a scrunched up ball of tin foil. Whoever has the asteroid when the music stops is out!

GUESS HOW MANY SWEETIES ARE IN THE JAR: to win the jar of sweeties! Try filling the jar with flying saucers or Haribo space mix!

PAPER SPACESHIPS: Make and design paper spaceships with a prize for the best design or furthest flown!

DARK SIDE WATER BEADS: these are fun, little beads that expand in water to squishy balls that children love. There are black water beads in the K&C Party Kit. Find out more about water beads

Star Wars Pass The Parcel



Star Wars PartyStar Wars PartyStar Wars PartyBLOG-SUperhero-giant-balloon

Choose a dark or metallic colour scheme, the K&C Star Wars Galaxy Party Kit has a lovely mixture of turquoise, silver, and black.

Giant balloons are lots of fun and can represent planets, space ships or death stars! If you have giant balloons check out our video on how to make inflating them a breeze. Marble balloons would also look great. Try decorating your party table or the party room with planets or star wars figurines.

Make your life easy on Party day by doing as much set up as possible the day before. Sort any food that can be done in advance, including the cake. Save time on party day by inflating your balloons the night before (unless you are using helium).

Print our free Star Wars Galaxy printable party decorations (bunting, cupcake toppers and a front door sign) to help you decorate your party. K&C also have exclusive Star Wars Galaxy invitations to download and print. If you need inspiration for party music, try the Kit & Caboodle Star Wars Galaxy Playlist on Spotify.

Free Star Wars Partyy Printables

For a shortcut to a fun and stylish Star Wars Galaxy party Kit & Caboodle have a Star Wars Galaxy Party Kit, complete with giant balloons, inflatable light sabers, fun party games, as well as stylish decorations and tableware and the all important party bags with goodies!

Star Wars PartyStar Wars Party GamesStar Wars Party Bag

We hope you have a brilliant party and that your little Star Wars fan has a big day to remember!

Star Wars Galaxy Party






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