Top 6 Quiet Party Activities

Top 6 Quiet Party Activities

Party Game Ideas

Kids’ parties are packed full of high energy fun, so once in a while you need an activity or two to give your little guests (and yourself) a chance to catch their breathes. These are our six favourite calming-down, quiet, party games and activities to keep everyone happy.

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Try making your own dough to go with your party theme, or customise store-bought dough.

Monster Party GamesMonster Party: A swirly mix of different colours with added googly eyes.

Star Wars Party: Black with added glitter.

Chocolate Factory Party: Set out small biscuit cutters and encourage your guests to make their own “sweeties”. Empty chocolate boxes or mini fairy cake cases add to the fun.




All you need for this fun activity is a roll of plain paper (try lining paper from the DIY store, or use the reverse of a roll of leftover wrapping paper) and a selection of crayons, pens or paint. If the weather’s nice unroll the paper outside, otherwise run the paper down the middle of a long hall.





Challenge your guests to a building competition to go with your party theme. Award prizes for best, funniest or most creative project. Give each child a paper plate with their name on it to display their masterpiece.

Superhero Party Games

Superhero Party: Chose a superhero and build them a super vehicle.

Robot Party: Build a robot to do your least favourite chore.

Creepy Crawlies Party: Build your favourite insect or create one that has never been seen before.





Woodland Party Games

Look for sticker mosaic kits at your favourite craft shop, or print blank colouring pages for your guests to fill in with small round label stickers in a range of colours.







Party Game Ideas

Water beads are bright, squishy fun, and always a big hit at parties. Match the colours of your beads to your party, and hide small toys and prizes in them. Provide empty cups, large spoons and small plastic containers and the children will happily scoop and stir for ages.


There are waterbeads in our K&C Party Kits, and they can be added to our Build-Your-Own Party Kits.



If you have one, set your guests loose at a sand table, or pour sand into a large shallow container. To really impress the kids, try using kinetic sand which sticks together and holds its shape when moulded.

Dinosaur Party Games

Dinosaur Party: Arrange dinosaur figures, plastic trees and stones in the sand and let your guests create their own Jurassic world.

Pirate Party: Hide plastic jewels, bead necklaces and coins in the sand.

Digger Party: Provide small construction vehicles to dig and build in the sand.


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