Unicorn Cake Decorating Kit


Exclusively designed by Kit & Caboodle, this fun cake decorating kit will save you time and create a cake that will wow your little guests!

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The Unicorn Cake Decorating Kit contains:

Unicorn Figurine (13.5 cm)

Handmade mini paper party hat (colours vary)

Multi-coloured sprinkles (30g)

Fizz Wiz popping candy (5g)

Candles: choice of white or blue glitter candles (pack of 10) or turquoise stripes and spots candles (pack of 12)


Simply buy or make a cake of your choice then cover the top with sprinkles. Place the party hat on your unicorn. Stand him on the floor of sprinkles and arrange the other candles. Just before serving, pour over the popping candy!


Secure the party hat with a little white tack if necessary. Not suitable for children under 3.