Dinosaur Cake Decorating Kit – Stegosaurus


Exclusively designed by Kit & Caboodle, this fun dinosaur cake decorating kit will save you time and create a prehistoric cake that will wow your little guests!

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The Stegosaurus Dinosaur Cake Decorating Kit contains:

Stegosaurus dinosaur candle holder (15cm)

Handmade mini party hat (colours may vary)

Decorations: choose from mini Oreos (25g) or chocolate stones (110g)

Fizz Wiz popping candy (5g)

Candles: choose from white or blue glitter candles (packs of 10) or turquoise spots and stripes candles (pack of 12)


Simply buy or make a cake of your choice then wrap the ribbon around. Decorate the top of your cake with crushed Oreos or chocolate stones. Place a candle in the Stegosaurus candle holder and put on his party hat. Stand the dinosaur on the cake and arrange the other candles. Just before serving, sprinkle over the earth-shaking popping candy!


Your Stegosaurus can convert into a toy and souvenir of the big day after the party as the candle holder is easily removed!


Top tip: the ribbon should simply stick to most icing but you can secure with tape at the back if needed. Secure your party hat on your dinosaur with a little white tack if necessary.


Not suitable for children under 3 years.