Dinosaur Cake Decorating Kit – Diplodocus


Exclusively designed by Kit & Caboodle, this fun dinosaur cake decorating kit with diplodocus candle holder and edible decorations will save you time and wow your little guests!

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The Diplodocus Dinosaur Cake Decorating Kit contains:

Diplodocus dinosaur candle holder (15cm)

Handmade mini party hat (colours may vary)

Teal web weaved ribbon (1m)

Chocolate stones (110g)

Fizz Wiz popping candy (5g)

Candles: choose from white or blue glitter candles (packs of 10) or turquoise spots and stripes candles (pack of 12).  Please state candle choice at checkout. If no choice is made, you will be sent the turquoise stripes and spots candles.


Simply buy or make a cake of your choice then wrap the ribbon around. Decorate the top of your cake with the chocolate stones. Place a candle in the Diplodocus candle holder and put on his party hat. Stand the dinosaur on the cake and arrange the other candles. Just before serving, sprinkle over the earth-shaking popping candy!


Your Diplodocus can convert into a toy and souvenir of the big day after the party as the candle holder is easily removed!


Top tip: the ribbon should simply stick to most icing but you can secure with tape at the back if needed. Secure your party hat on your dinosaur with a little white tack if necessary.


Not suitable for children under 3 years.


Add Cake Plates

No cake plates, 8 turquoise cake plates, 8 lime cake plates