How to Make a Pinecone Pinata

How to Make a Pinecone Pinata

Woodland Party Pinecone Pinata


If you can’t find the perfect piñata for your party and are tempted to make your own, don’t start from scratch, just pimp a store-bought version! It’s super easy and you’ll end up with exactly the piñata you want. If you’re throwing a woodland or camping party you’ll love this simple tutorial showing how to make a pinecone piñata.





You’ll need:

Woodland Party Pinecone PinataAny round piñata. Look for a disco ball or football!

Brown tissue paper

Scissors or large circle cutter.



To pimp your round piñata:

Woodland Party Pinecone Pinata


1. Cut out loads of brown tissue circles. I used scissors to cut out circles traced around a 5 inch bowl, but a circle cutter would be quicker.

2. Glue a row of overlapping circles at the bottom of the piñata. This row should hang loose past the piñata’s surface.


Woodland Pinata Pinecone Pinata3. Continue gluing rows of circles in an overlapping brick pattern (start each row so that the first circle is halfway between the two circles below it), working from the bottom of the piñata all the way to the top. Put your glue on the top part of each circle so that the bottom part hangs loose. Be sure to mark where the hole for filling the piñata is so that you can find it later.



Woodland Party Pinecone Pinata4. Gather a little bunch of overlapping tissue circles and twist the centre to make a small flower with a stem sticking out of its back.




Woodland Party Pinecone Pinata5. Glue the flower face down onto the centre top of the piñata to cover the spot where the last row of circles finishes.


Fill the piñata after the glue dries. If the area around the filling hole looks tatty you can always glue a final tissue circle over that spot.


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