Party Punch Wall Tutorial

Party Punch Wall Tutorial

Punch Wall Superhero Party GameThis “brick” punch wall is just waiting for your little superheroes to prove their super strength in this fab superhero party game. It’s full of prizes and treats hiding behind layers of tissue and words copied from old-school comic books.





You’ll need:

Large, shallow box. I used a box that a large picture frame was delivered in, but you can improvise with any large box and adapt the wall to the size and shape you’d like.

Brick-print wallpaper or plastic party backdrop.

Paper lunch bags

Tape, glue, scissors

Printouts of Bang! Pow! words (click images below)

Superhero Party Bang Pow Comic WordsSuperhero Party BOom Wham Comic Words


Punch Wall Superhero Party Game1. Start by cutting circles in the front wall of the box. Make sure you cut at least one for each child at the party.

2. Stuff a bag into each of the holes with the open end facing forwards. Leave a couple inches of bag sticking out past the cardboard.



Punch Wall Superhero Party Game3. Cut strips (about 2-inches wide) into the part of the bags sticking out past the cardboard.

4. Fold the strips back and glue them to the front of the box, so that they spread out in circles around the holes.



Punch Wall Superhero Party Game

5. Fill the bags with treats and prizes.

6. Cover each hole with a circle of tissue, sticking with glue or tape.



Punch Wall Superhero Party Game7. Wrap the entire box with brick-print wallpaper or plastic party backdrop (I used a plastic backdrop here). Make sure to mark where each tissue circle is under the wrapping. You could also paint a brick pattern onto the box if you have the time and talent.

8. Cut an X in the wrapping over each tissue circle. The cuts should go from edge to edge of each circle.

9. Cut out the comic book words and stick them over each tissue circle.



BLOG Punch Wall 6

During the party, let the children unleash their super strength by punching holes in the wall to find their treats!




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