The Last Plastic Straw at Kids Parties

The Last Plastic Straw at Kids Parties

“The tide is finally turning. It’s time to draw a line in the sand and stem the wasteful use of billions of plastic straws a year… Each straw takes seconds to use and around 500 years to degrade… Crucially, unlike other plastics, there are easy alternatives available — paper straws, corn syrup ones, even bamboo straws. Evening Standard, The Last Straw Campaign.

Kit & Caboodle Parties are proud to say that our party kits contain degradable paper straws.




Kids love straws, but with the ocean filling up with plastic, marine life being killed and the recent shocking images of a huge sea of plastic, degradable paper straws are an obvious solution. Plus they look lovely and can be used in so many different ways! Here are six fun ways you can use paper straws at your party:


1. MARSHMALLOW POPS – Skewer marshmallows on to a paper straw for an instant marshmallow pop or wand. You could use one big marshmallow and top with sprinkles or a few smaller ones. Let the kids make their own as a fun party activity!

sweet wand

2. THE STRAW GAME – Use paper straws for a fun party activity. Race to suck up sweets like jelly beans, maltesers or smarties into paper cups. You could award different scores for different colours.

sweetie party gameParty game


3. MILK BOTTLES – Stick them in retro milk bottles with a mini doughnut or party ring biscuit slotted on the top – perfect for a sleepover party!

sleepover party


4.CAKE BUNTING: Use paper straws and washi tape to create fun and funky cake bunting. Follow this simple tutorial on Flicker and Flock.

cake bunting


5. PARTY ANIMALS – Use paper straws to attach tiny balloons to plastic animals. These would make fantastic table decorations or cake toppers. Get your animal dressed for the party with a tiny party hat. Take a look at our tutorial. Or if you don’t fancy making your own, K&C have animal cake decorating kits which come complete with a plastic animal (dinosaur, panda, fox, polar bear or unicorn), tiny party hat or crown and edible decorations.



6. WANDS – Make balloon wands by tying on tiny balloons or stick on paper stars to make starry wands for the kids to take home!

tiny balloon wandtiny-balloon-wandsstar wand


Kit & Caboodle have a variety of themed Party Kits with everything you need for a brilliant party at home that kids and parents love!

Chocolate Factory Kit

Sign the Evening Standard petition to rid London of plastic straws: The Last Straw Campaign

Straw Wars Campaign

The Last Plastic Straw

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