Jumble Cake Tutorial

Jumble Cake Tutorial

Woodland Cake Decorating Tutorial


A show-stopping cake can be the centrepiece of a party and will feature in birthday photos for years to come. For great results without the time and stress, here is our easy, step-by-step guide to making a gorgeous jumble cake, piled high with sweet treats.





  • An iced or frosted cake (homemade or bought…one of my favourite cakes that I’ve “made” was just two M&S coffee and walnut cakes stacked on top of each other, so don’t feel like you need to make it yourself to have a special cake. You’ll give it your personal touch by decorating it yourself.) If you’re frosting it yourself this tutorial from The Kitchn will help.
  • Sweet treats to arrange on the cake – this will be your jumble. You’ll get the best results if you vary the sizes of toppings.


Try using some of each size:

Large – small meringues, tea cakes, biscuits

Medium – macarons, small biscuits, bite-sized bakery treats such as brownies, flapjacks or coconut bites

Small – berries, nuts, small chocolates or other sweets

Tiny – biscuit crumbs, sprinkles or other decorations from the baking aisle

In the example cake I’ve used small meringue shells (large), macarons (medium), Hersey’s chocolate kisses, chocolate stones and mini meringues (small), digestive biscuit crumbs (tiny).

  • A small figurine or toy to match your party. This is completely optional and your cake will look gorgeous either way.


Woodland Jumble Cake Decorating Tutorial1. Imagine a circle sitting partly on, partly off your cake. Scatter some of your tiny toppers on the part of your cake not covered by the circle. You will leave this part of the cake empty, and if you’re using a figurine you will put it here when you’re done.




Woodland Jumble Cake Decorating Tutorial2. Now, starting with the largest, arrange your toppers one type at a time on your cake, filling in the spaces between the larger toppers as you go.


Woodland Jumble Cake Decorating Tutorial3. Finish by sprinkling some of your tiniest toppers over everything. In this cake I also added some chocolate stones at the very end because I wanted them to stand out. If you are using a figurine put it in pride of place in the centre of the empty area, surrounded by your lovely, jumbled mound of toppers.




Cake Decorating Kit

Fox Cake Decorating Kit



The fox figurine used on this cake is part of K&C’s Fox Cake Decorating Kit. Find it and more cake decorating kits to match your party here.

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