Cool Summer Party Game

Cool Summer Party Game

This is a fun activity to keep the kids cool at a Summer party. Freeze some prizes in ice and let the kids at it with tools and water pistols to release the trapped treasure!


IMG_6900freeze dinosaurs in ice party game

It’s up to you what you freeze for the kids to set free: it could be lego, dinosaurs, princesses, superheroes, marbles, blowing bubbles or even toy flamingoes for a tropical party!


  • A plastic container (not too big or it will take ages to freeze!)
  • Food colouring (optional)
  • Water
  • Small plastic toys as prizes
  • Items to release the frozen prizes with: water pistols, spray bottles, syringes, toy hammers, spoons, etc.
  • Salt
  • Sequins/glitter (optional)


  • The day before the party, fill your container with about 2cm water
  • Place in the freezer for a few hours
  • Add half the prizes, fill halfway with water and add food colouring, sequins or glitter (optional) and put it back in the freezer.


freeze dinosaurs in ice party game     freezing toys in ice

  • The next day take the container out of the freezer and loosen with a little warm water before turning it out onto a deep tray or the garden floor.


Give the children tools to free the trapped prizes: syringes, spray bottles and/or water pistols filled with warm water. You can also give them toy hammers or metal spoons to chip away at the ice and salt to sprinkle over as this will help it to melt.

(Please note if you freeze mini bubbles and want to use them once they are released from the ice they will need to be placed in warm water to defrost the bubble mixture.)


freezing toys in icefreezing toys in icefreezing toys in ice





It might be easier to give the children an ice egg each.

Dinosaur Ice Egg

For this method you will need water balloons or balloons.

Place the plastic toy into a ballon or water balloon by placing your index and middle fingers in the balloon. Walk your fingers down and stretch them apart. Place the toy in the bottom of balloon (having a helper makes this easier!) Click here for our video tutorial on stuffing balloons. Then fill your balloon or water balloon with water, tie the end and freeze.

Dinosaur Ice EggsDinosaur Ice EggsDinosaur Ice Eggs

The balloon should pop off the egg when it defrosts a little but you can use scissors if necessary.

Then give the kids water pistols, salt, syringes, spoons etc as above so they can release their prize! Please note this method is quicker as the children can smash the egg to get at their prize!

IMG_6900freeze toys in iceDinosaur Ice Egg

K&C have a popular Dinosaur Roar Party Kit which comes complete with the coloured plastic dinosaurs shown, that you could use for this activity.




You could freeze one toy for the children to work as a team to relsease: a frozen princess trapped in the ice, a superhero trapped in kryptonite or Hans Solo trapped in carbonite!

Hans Solo Frozen in CarboniteHans solo frozen in carbonite

Try adding white glitter to the frozen princess, silver glitter for Hans Solo’s carbonite and green food colouring for Superman’s kryptonite! Give the kids water pistols filled with warm water, make them stand at a distance and fire to set the character free!

IMG_6914Superman frozen in Kryptonite 

K&C have Star Wars Galaxy, Frozen and Superhero themed Party Kits.



Why not try freezing toys in silicon cupcake cases? You can also get these in different shapes like hearts or stars!


Instead of freezing plastic toys you could freeze anything from nature that ties into your theme like shells for a tropical party, flowers and ferns for a woodland or fairy party, rocks or fossils for a dinosaur party, treasure stones for a pirate party, etc…

freezing toys in ice


You can even freeze water beads for a refreshing sensory activity. Hydrate your water beads as in the instructions and then place in a freezer bag and put in the freezer. An hour later they should be frozen. Put them in a plastic container and let the kids enjoy playing with the cooling beads or thaw them by squirting with spray bottles/water pistols etc.  (Note the beads will not hold their shape and will turn into mush when they thaw!) We love water beads and they are a popular party activity in our Party Kits.

Water Bead Party Activity


Or why not get creative with ice? Click here for a blog on how to make ice into art from Learn Play Imagine.

If you are looking for a cool party this Summer, Kit & Caboodle have a vibrant Tropical Party Kit complete with inflatable flamingo, giant orange balloon and limbo party game that is sure to be a hit with the kids!

IMG_9612Tropical Party Game

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