Giant Balloons!

Giant Balloons!


Giant balloon

Shrink Your Kids with Giant Balloons! Kit & Caboodle love playing with scale in our party kits. Our fabulous giant balloons wow the senses and the kids love them!

We have colossal T-Rex sized balloons in Dinosaur Roar

Giant Balloon

Take a look at our giant gumball balloons in the Chocolate Factory Party



Chocolate Factory Party



And out of this world planet sized balloons in the Star Wars Galaxy party



Star Wars Galaxy Party


Check out the giant molecule balloons in the Science Lab party 



Science Party


Giant balloons engage kids’ imaginations plus they are a lot of fun to bounce around and jump on!


giant balloon




To blow these up yourself would take a lot of puff so we recommend using a hair dryer on a cold setting! First inflate the balloon a little with a pump, then attach to the hair dryer and inflate until it is the correct size.

They are pretty resilient (we had kids lying on them and bouncing off them at our last party!) but be careful not to over-inflate or leave them in direct sunlight as this could cause them to pop. We love supersized balloons, they give that wow factor at a party and are always an enormous hit!



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