Throw a Fun Frozen Party

Throw a Fun Frozen Party

Frozen party

Alice and I love kids’ parties and are always looking for fun and easy ways to make our own children’s parties extra special. Here are some ideas we hope will help you throw a magical Frozen party that kids and parents will love.





Plan the menu. Keep it simple for the main, sticking to popular favourites like sandwiches, pittas and hummus, pasta salad or pizza. Think about offering a vegetarian choice, and check with parents about any food allergies. Add in side platters of fruits and vegetables. Fruits that can be prepped the day before are lifesavers. Try fruits like melon and mango that won’t spoil if cut in advance, or berries and grapes which don’t need cutting at all. Carrots, cucumbers, peppers and celery can be served on their own or with hummus (and can also be cut the day before), and olives are always popular. Be sure to leave room for sweet treats, popcorn and crisps! These can be served in sharing bowls, or separated into individual bags and cups for easy eating.

Frozen Party FoodFrozen Party Food IdeasFrozen Party Food

Ideas for Frozen-themed party food:

Sandwiches cut with snowflake biscuit cutters. Or try toasting crumpets (pre-cut into snowflake shapes) and topping them with houmus, chicken and spinach for a fun open-faced sandwich.

Snowflake-shaped biscuits. Delia’s gingerbread biscuit recipe is the best we’ve come across for holding its shape when cooked (and tastes gorgeous too!) Sprinkle with icing sugar for some snowy fun.

Individual cups of blue jelly, or cubes of blue, slightly firm, jiggly jelly.

Whole carrots with the tops still attached (in honour of everyone’s favourite reindeer).

Grape skewers topped with a watermelon star (cut with a biscuit cutter), or thread olives on the skewer instead, and top with a cucumber star.

A mixed sharing bowl of snowman munchies: white mini-marshmallows, pretzel sticks and carrot gummies.

If you have a large, clear drinks dispenser fill it with water and drop a large whole carrot in. Put up a sign reading “Melted Snowman”. Or drop tiny whole carrots into individual water bottles, also labelled “Melted Snowman”.

Choose the party activities.  Aim to mix both active and calmer choices. How are some ideas for Frozen-themed party games and adaptations of old favourites…you can play most of them using items you already have around the house:

Musical Ice Statues  A variation of the old favourite, Musical Statues. The children dance to the music, and when it stops they freeze into ice statues. For added fun, all the children who have already been tagged out can blast the dancers with ice magic from their fingers when the music stops.

Troll, Troll, Ice Monster  Just like Duck, Duck Goose, but with characters from the film.

Guess How Many Reindeer Poops In The Jar  Another old favourite, with a giggle-inducing twist. Fill the jar with Malteasers or similar. The closest guess wins the jar.

Snowball Pass  The children form two lines, with a snowball (white balloon, or snow-filled balloon for extra fun) for each team. They race to pass the snowball down their line, first over their heads and then through their legs. The team that finishes first wins.

Indoor Snowball Fight  Make pom poms out of white wool (or cheat by buying some ready-made online). Start with a pile in the middle of the room, or give a couple to each child and stand back!

Pin the Nose on the Snowman  Before the party, have the birthday child draw a picture of a snowman on a large piece of paper (the reverse side of some wrapping paper works well). An adult can cut carrot shapes from orange paper. Game rules are the same as for Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Frozen Play Dough  Add glitter to white or turquoise store-bought play dough, or follow the easy instructions in this tutorial from Paging Fun Mums to make some yourself.

Indoor Snow  Bring winter indoors with this fun fake snow tutorial from Playtivities.

Snowball Pass The Parcel  For a memorable game of pass the parcel, try a glittery, fun-filled Snowball.

Snowball Pass The ParcelFrozen Party Game IdeasFrozen Party Game Ideas

Write a running order. We reckon two hours is the perfect time for a party to last, and between five and eight activities should fill the time.

Suggested running order:

  • Turn on the party music. For a Frozen party, you can’t beat the original movie soundtrack.
  • Hand out party crowns or dress up items (if you’re using them) to your guests as they arrive.
  • Begin with a calm craft or sensory activity which stragglers can join in when they arrive. Try a pot of glitter play doh, fake snow or water beads.
  • Free play with balloons or another game/activity.
  • Add another 2-3 high energy games or activities to burn some energy before food time.
  • Serve the food. Whether you’ve set a table or the children are helping themselves from a buffet this is a chance for the guests to recharge and have a bit of quiet time.
  • Plan on more free play or squeeze in 1-2 games or activities.
  • Time to sing Happy Birthday and blow out the candles!
  • If you have a piñata, this is the perfect time to let the children play while an adult is cutting the cake.
  • Hand out the party bags as the guests leave. If you’ve used helium balloons as decorations think about sending each child home with one.

Get a head start. Make your life easy on Party Day by doing as much set up as possible the day before. Sort any food that can be done in advance, and decorate the cake.

balloon garland


If you’re not using helium, inflate your balloons the night before. Most latex balloons will look just as fresh the next day, except for the clear ones (which should always be inflated as close to party time as possible).

If you have giant balloons, check out our video on how to make inflating them a breeze.


Free Frozen Party Printables

We have free, Frozen-themed printable glitter snowflake bunting, icy cupcake toppers and a Let It Go front door sign, to help you decorate for your party.





Have fun! Make sure you capture the magic of the day by asking another adult to take pictures of the festivities, while you focus on the birthday child and their guests.

We hope you have a great Frozen party and your little one has a big day to remember!



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