How To Throw A Kickin’ Football Party

How To Throw A Kickin’ Football Party


Do you have a football-mad future pro in your house? Read on for tips and inspiration to help you throw a fun and modern football party for your little kicker.








Football Party Food IdeasFootball party foodoreo-stack

Orange Slices  Always my favourite half-time snack when I played football growing up, and now a big hit with my boys. A juicy, healthy shot of sunshine.

Champion Snacks  Serve any small snacks like popcorn, grapes or pretzels in trophy cups.

Red and Yellow Cards  Cut red and yellow peppers into rectangles.

Chocolate Footballs  Add some tiny fun to the food table by scattering foil-wrapped chocolate footballs on a plate covered in green desiccated coconut.

Oreo Tower  Work with the black and white colours of a classic football and stack a platter of Oreo cookies sky high.

Football Sandwiches  Cut your sandwiches with circle biscuit cutters

Green Munching Platter  Serve bite-sized  chunks of green fruits and vegetables like melon, grapes, kiwi, cucumber and celery.

Football Cupcakes  Download our free printable cupcake toppers for easy peasy themed treats



Aim to have a mix of full-on high-energy games and some calmer activities to let everyone catch their breathes. Most of the ideas below use items that you probably already have around the house.

Football Party Active Games

Game of Footie  Split the children into two teams and have a game of football or penalty shoot out.

Football Balloon Race  Don’t drop the ball! Children line up in two teams with a balloon for each line. They race to pass their balloon along the line, first over their heads and then through their legs! The first team to finish wins.

Football Musical Statues  The children dance to the music and when the music stops they freeze in a football pose! The last one to stop and freeze is out.

Keepy Uppy Race  The children line up in two teams and have a balloon for each line. They race to pass the balloon down their line, keeping it in the air using only their heads and feet. If the balloon hits the floor it has to go back to the start. The team that finishes first wins.


Football Party Quiet Games

Guess the Football Sweets in the Jar  to win the jar of sweeties!

Football Quiz  Test their knowledge of the beautiful game with a trivia quiz. If your own football knowledge isn’t great, Words for Life have a great 20 question quiz written for kids here.

Sweetie Score Put some Smarties in a bowl and the children take turns sucking them with a straw and dropping as many as they can in their cups in a minute! You can assign point values to different colours if you like.

Football Party Game Ideas


Stars Cake Decoration

Make your life easy on party day by doing as much set up as possible before the party. Sort any food that can be done in advance, including the cake. K&C’s Stars Cake Decorating Kit is your shortcut to a great cake in minutes to wow your little football stars.

If you’re not using helium, inflate your balloons the night before. And if you have giant balloons, check out our video to make inflating them a breeze.

Free Football Party PrintablesFootball Party Invitationfootball-decor


Download K&C’s free printable football decorations: bunting, cupcake toppers and a front door sign, to help you set the scene for your party. Or click here to purchase our printable invitations.

For party tunes check out our Football Party Playlist on Spotify.

We hope your future football stars have a party to remember!


If you’re short on time, K&C have a complete football party in a box, for a shortcut to a fun and modern party. Tableware, Decorations, Dress-Up, Games and Prizes for your perfect party!

Football PartyFootball Party Bag

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