5 Top Tips For Decorating With Balloons

5 Top Tips For Decorating With Balloons

Kids love balloons, and they’re an important part of every party, but you can do so much more with them then just filling them with helium or scattering them on the floor. Here are five fun and stylish ideas for decorating with these party superheroes.


1. STRING THEM – Balloons are a great way to carry colour through your party, but next time, instead of tying ribbon to them, thread the ribbon through them to make a gorgeous garland. Just use a needle and any type of string (try colourful ribbon, twine, or even invisible thread!) and sew through the uninflated bit next to the knot on your inflated balloons. Ta-dah! That’s it, you’re done.

Balloon Garland


2. HANG THEM – Hang balloons individually from the ceiling. Start by tying ribbons to them, then stick the ribbons to the ceiling with white tack or surface-friendly cello tape. Or be bold and use a vibrant washi tape to match your party colours! Mass them above a table, or run them down the length of a long hall. If using above a dining table, be sure to hang the balloons above head height to keep sight lines clear.

Party Balloons


3. STICK THEM – Choose one feature wall (behind the food table, or down a long hallway works well) and use white tack or double-sided tape to stick balloons straight on to it. Scatter them randomly for a dotty effect, or make a fun shape (square, star or heart). For extra wow-factor and a great focal point, “draw” the number of the birthday child’s age in balloons on the wall.



4. PILE THEM – Use any high, flat surface in your room to display your balloons. They look great lined up on the tops of kitchen cabinets or refrigerators, or dotted onto bookshelves. Think about tying a few together first to create a jumble of colour…they’ll look like they’ve been piled up on top of each other, but you won’t have to worry about the top balloons shifting and falling off their high perches.



5. CHANDELIER THEM – Tie together a bunch of balloons and hang them upside-down from a light fixture, or on their own from a hook in the ceiling for a balloon-tastic focal point.


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