Christmas Holiday Activities for the Kids

Christmas Holiday Activities for the Kids

Here are a few ideas to keep the kids entertained in the Christmas holidays….



  • TRY A SPOT OF BAKING: what could be more fun for kids than a gingerbread house decorated with sweets! Try this Simple Gingerbread recipe from BBC Good Food. And these Mini Gingerbread Houses are great for the kids to decorate their own. If you don’t fancy making your own gingerbread you can get a range of ready made kits from The Gingerbread House. What’s better you can save 10% off the large gingerbread house with the code HOUSE10



  • MAKE YOUR OWN DECADENT HOT CHOCOLATE I love this recipe from Jamie Oliver  This is perfect to cuddle up with by the fire after a day out in the cold or if you can bear to share it, you could put some in a jar with some ribbon and give it as a gift…



  • MAKE YOUR OWN WRAPPING PAPER, CARDS OR LABELS . The kids will enjoy stamping a pattern on brown kraft paper for instant home made wrapping paper. Or simply let them show their creativity with crayons, paint or stickers. Give young children a “colour your own present” by wrapping in white or brown paper and attaching a couple of crayons for them to go mad with!


  • MAKE PRESENTS! What about making bath bombs or scented bath salts.  For bath salts simply get a bag of epsom salts and place in a glass jar with dried flowers (optional) and a few drops of essential oil. Take a look at our blog on how to make bath bombs.




  • DECORATE CHRISTMAS CANDLES: This is a good festive activity. Get some white stick candles and the kids can decorate them with coloured wax. Perfect to put on the Christmas table or give as gifts! You can get wax decorating sheets from Amazon.


  • POMANDER DECORATION. This is easy and the smell will get you in the mood for Christmas! Simply tie a ribbon around an orange and stick whole cloves into it in any pattern you like. Hang to dry and then use to decorate and scent your room.


  • MAKE A SNOW GLOBE. Why not use the gorgeous Kit & Caboodle polar bear to make a snow globe (although he’ll have to take off his crown!)  You can make a snow globe with any plastic figurine you like. Just get a clear glass jar and use superglue to glue the figure in the position you want it on the lid (you can use superglued play dough to get it to the right height). Leave to dry and then fill the jar 3/4 full with water and add a teaspoon of white glitter and 2 drops of glycerin (optional but stops the glitter falling too quickly). Stir and fill the jar to the top with water. Carefully screw the lid back on and turn over to see glittery snow fall on your polar bear!




  • CREATE AN ICY IGLOO DEN. Transport yourselves to Narnia in your very own winter ice den! All you need are sheets, chairs and some lights and cushions to make your den cosy and snug!


  • BISCUIT TREE DECORATIONS. Decorate your tree with home made treats. Just remember to make a hole so you can hang them up!




  • BUBBLE WRAP RUN! What better way to make use of all that bubble wrap you get with your christmas present deliveries! If it doesn’t come in a long roll then make a course of icebergs for the kids to jump across!


  • REINDEER FOOD All you need is some porridge oats and glitter or sprinkles. Mix together to make sparkly reindeer food. Leave some out for Rudolph and his pals on Christmas eve and you might even see a sprinkling left behind around the fireplace on Christmas morning!




  • MAKE A SNOWMAN If  there isn’t any real snow you can always make your own with just two ingredients thanks to The Imagination Tree:


fake snow

  • PLAY PASS THE PARCEL. If all else fails, a glittery Snowball Pass the Parcel from Kit & Caboodle will keep them entertained!




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