10 Party Food Tips: what and how to feed kids at a party

10 Party Food Tips: what and how to feed kids at a party

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What do you feed excited kids at a party to keep them happy and satisfied? You want to give them something reasonably healthy but also keep things fun!


1. Keep it simple: go for sandwiches with 2 or 3 choices. Pitta, pasta salad or pizza are also good options. Make sure you have a vegetarian option and that you are aware of any allergies.

2. Easy Fruit and Veg: crudites such as carrots, cucumber, peppers and celery are easy to pick at and can be served with dips like hummous. Go for fruit that doesn’t need to be cut up like berries or seedless grapes and fruit that doesn’t spoil when cut like melon and mango…

Party Food Ideas


3. Shape it into something fun: use biscuit cutters to shape your sandwiches. You can also shape fruit (such as melon) and vegetables (like cucumber). Use whatever biscuit cutters you have in your cupboard (like stars) or theme it to your party e.g. dinosaur cutters for a dinosaur party.

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4. Make skewers or wands: make fruit or vegetable wands by threading vegetables like cucumber and olives or fruit such as grapes and melon on to wooden skewers or straws. You could top them off with a little cucumber or melon star!


Party Food

5. A few treats: popcorn is a healthy treat that goes down well and biscuits and crisps are also popular. You can also theme your treats. What about Augustus Gloop biscuits for a Chocolate Factory Party! Simply dip gingerbread men in melted chocolate.

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6. Serve it at the right time: make sure you do the food early enough so that the kids aren’t flagging or grazing on the party table.



7. Label cups: write their names on the cups so children can come back to their drink and you don’t need to keep serving them a new one!

8. Have an indoor picnic: sit them on the floor on a picnic blanket if there isn’t room at the party table.

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9. Serve them: offer the food round to the kids when they are seated rather than letting them help themselves to prevent a scramble for food!

10. Have an Easy Fun Cake: Try one of our Cake Decorating Kits for an easy cake that will wow the kids. Simply buy or make a cake of your choice then add the candles, cake toppers and edible decorations for an impressive cake in minutes!

Cake Decorating Kit

Happy Cake Decorating Kit


Check out our themed Party Tips blogs for more info on how to theme your food to specific parties…



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