Water Beads Party Activity Orange and Purple


Hunt through the squishy colourful water beads to find a prize. Everyone is a winner!


In case you’ve never come across them, water beads expand in water to create a tub full of of slippery, squishy fun that children love!


5 packs of jade and pink water beads (5g each)

8 prizes: touchable bubbles (4×2 cm)

Activity instruction card.


To expand your beads, you’ll just need a large container. The day before the party add approximately 5 litres of cold water and pour in the beads. Leave to soak for 24 hours and then drain the water off before the party. Hide the prizes in the beads and let the children hunt through the squishy beads for their prize!


While water beads are non-toxic, do not swallow. Adult supervision required. When you are finished with them simply throw the beads away (they are bio-degradable).


This activity is for 8 children.