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Awesome Party Kit Giveaway with Puffin Books!


Kit & Caboodle were delighted to run an exciting competition with Puffin Books! The lucky winner has won a party kit of their choice for up to 16 kids plus a brilliant bundle of Puffin Books!


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A Box of Delights

Kit & Caboodle Party Kits are a “Box of Delights” according to the Observer, which featured Kit & Caboodle in the “We Love” Section of the Observer Magazine.


     K&C Observer Magazine



Small Business Saturday Promotion

Kit & Caboodle featured in the Guardian Small Business Saturday Gallery



The Pool Magazine

Kit & Caboodle were featured in The Pool’s Practical Guide on Buying Kids’ Toys and Clothes that Don’t Gender-Stereotype. Rebecca Schiller was “on the hunt for the best children’s brands delivering a riot of unisex fun…Kit and Caboodle’s complete party kits appeal to everyone (particularly party-shy parents like me) and deliberately steer clear of stereotypes.”

The Pool Magazine


Harness Magazine

Kit & Caboodle’s article on Party Food was chosen to launch the Online Magazine, Harness

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MINIS AND MORE “The Party Planning Kits Delivered to Your Door”

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Minis and More blog featured Kit & Caboodle Party Kits:

“Georgie has been on the look out for a fun theme which can also look, well, lovely and more tasteful than the many options out there. After much searching the wonderful Kit & Caboodle was discovered. Hand on heart, she was so impressed by the quality and thought which had gone into putting the theme together…

It takes all the stress out of sourcing party accessories to make the day memorable. The two mums who launched this ingenious idea have thought of everything. You just add the food and kids.”


MUM MUDDLING THROUGH “Essentially everything you need to make your party go off in style”


Unicorn Party


Mum Muddling Through reviewed our Unicorn Party Kit. “I had sooo much fun just unpacking the kit, let alone setting up the party!”


These ladies know exactly how hectic our lives are, and have done all the party prep for us.


The popping of the unicorn poo balloons was hilarious and the girls all were squealing in hysterics as they jumped and squeezed the balloons to pop them and unleash the confetti.


The Pass the unicorn horn was also a massive hit – packed with loads of layers of goodies (sweets and little toys) the colourful layers just kept on coming!


The whole party was a total success. I can’t imagine how much all of the stuff in the box would have cost if I’d seeked it all out separately, let alone the time I saved in not having to find it all. It all matched beautifully and was so much fun to play all the ‘on theme’ games.


It is therefore with a huge thumbs up I give the Kit and Caboodle party kits a massive MMT seal of approval. I’ll definitely use them again in future, and their plastic free, contents are of the highest quality.


In fact, I’m championing the old school at home party altogether. Bring back jelly and ice cream and realistic expectations. With a little bit of help from Kit & Caboodle, it’s really is more manageable than you think.”


THE BUTTERFLY MOTHER “Perfect Parties with Kit & Caboodle

The Butterfly Mother Blog


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According to The Butterfly Mother Kit & Caboodle are “so awesome because they remove some of the stress without taking away the style.” “The designs are just Instagramable perfection and beautiful quality…Lots of the children’s party decorations available in the shops are over-the-top, tacky or cheap-looking but absolutely everything Kit & Caboodle include is classy and stylish”.

” The DIY kits… encompass everything you might need to plan a gorgeous, fun-filled party for your kids” and “save you the hassle of negotiating the shops with your little ones or searching for everything separately online.” 




Toy mark Award for Good Practice 2016

Kit & Caboodle are the first party retailers to be awarded The Toymark Award for Best Practice from Let Toys Be Toys which feature K&C on their list of recommended retailers. Kit & Caboodle parties are for all kids and are not categorized by gender.

“Your website is so bright and colourful, we love it! Your non-stereotyped images and images of boys and girls together really are some of the best examples we’ve seen – well done! We’re delighted to give Kit & Caboodle the Toymark Award for 2017. Congratulations!” Catherine, Let Toys Be Toys


Homepreneur of the Year 2016

Kit & Caboodle were voted the Homepreneur of the Year 2016 by members of the public on Families Online.