Let Parties Be Parties for Girls and Boys

Let Parties Be Parties for Girls and Boys

Science Lab Party

 Parties for All Kids


Kit & Caboodle were uninspired by all the pink and blue party merchandise out there and wanted to offer a colourful and fun alternative for all kids. We sort our parties by theme and not by boy/girl so that children can decide what they like best and don’t feel that only certain themes are for their gender. Kids should decide for themselves what they think is fun.  Why can’t boys like unicorns? Why shouldn’t girls be into science? Children need to imagine themselves in a wide range of roles to develop different skills and to see that those roles are open to them as adults.

“At a party once my 7 year old daughter picked up a football party bag but was told that she had to have the cupcake one. She felt confused and frustrated that her interested in football was somehow seen as wrong.” Alice, Co-founder Kit & Caboodle. When retailers gender their party merchandise they impose limits on girls’ and boys’ choices and therefore what they see as appropriate for their gender.

Pirate PartyTropical Party

K&C party kits are designed to be fun, playful and inspiring for all kids. “Your non-stereotyped images and images of boys and girls together really are some of the best examples we’ve seen” Let Toys Be Toys.

Kit & Caboodle were the first party retailer to be awarded the Toymark Award for Good Practice in 2016 from Let Toys Be Toys for Girls and Boys. We received the award again in 2017 for marketing our parties inclusively to all children.

 Unicorn PartyLTBT-Toymark-2017-sticker---quarter-size




Kids Play together and Party together


Kit & Caboodle parties are for all kids. It is healthy and normal for boys and girls to be friends and play together. We feel that children should be free to invite the opposite gender to their party without anyone feeling out of place. As Deborah Nicholls-Lee says in her blog Princess or Pirate – What’s Wrong with Mixed Parties “It seems to me that this gendering of parties fails to cater to mixed friendship groups… The party market dictates that boys and girls should attend different parties”. When boys and girls grow up they will most likely be working together, living together and probably parenting together so why should they be made to feel that they shouldn’t play together as children?

Science Lab Party

All Colours for all Kids

We don’t divide our parties into pink for girls and blue for boys. Kids love all sorts of colours and we like to use a mix of  fun colours in our parties. As Deborah says, “The wonderful variety of children’s interests seems at odds with the pink and blue variety shops are offering.”

Chocolate Factory PartyStar Wars PartyFootball Party



At K&C we reckon Let Parties Be Parties for Girls and Boys!


Princess Party

Kit & Caboodle offer Party Kits – a fun and stylish party in a box in a variety of themes including Science Lab, Unicorn, Dinosaur, Chocolate Factory and Pirate.

Chocolate Factory KitDinosaur Party

Let Toys Be Toys is a campaign to stop industries limiting children’s interests by promoting products as only suitable for girls or for boys. Click for more information on the Toymark Award

Princess or Pirate – what’s wrong with mixed parties? 

The Pool – practical guid to unisex shopping for kids

The Guardian – Are gendered toys harming childhood development?





















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