Here are some tips to help you have a rip roaring Dinosaur Roar party!

Dinosaur Party



  • You have Water Beads in your party kit. In case you’ve never come across them water beads expand in water to create a tub full of of slippery, squishy fun that children love! Don’t forget to hydrate these the day before your party as they need 24 hours to transform (full instructions are below and on the information card in your kit).





Some ideas for what to feed them:

The main: Why not keep it simple with sandwiches, pitta, pasta salad or pizza for the main (make sure you have a vegetarian option).

Vegetables: crudites like carrots, cucumber, peppers and celery which you can serve with hummous are easy to prepare and go down well as do olives and iceberg lettuce.

Fruit: Go for fruit that doesn’t need to be cut up like berries and seedless grapes and fruit that doesn’t spoil when cut like melon and mango…

Treats: A few treats are a must on the party table. Biscuits, popcorn and crisps are usually popular.

Ideas to theme your food:

  • Cut your sandwiches with dinosaur or bone shaped biscuit cutters
  • Use the biscuit cutters to shape homemade biscuits or to cut out fruit like watermelon
  • Make biscuits and imprint dinosaur footprints or other plastic toys to make fossils
  • Serve fruit such as green grapes, kiwi or green melon to tie into the colour theme.
  • Stick carrot sticks into “soil” made of crushed chocolate biscuits
  • Put small chocolate eggs (mini eggs or unwrapped kinder eggs) as dinosaur eggs in little nests on the table
  • Tortilla chips could be Dinosaur toenails
  • Put popping candy in popcorn for erupting popcorn.

IMG_3677 (1)     IMG_3674 (1)



Here are some ideas for extra party activities that you can do with household items:


Dinosaur Egg Pass: Children line up in two teams and have a dinosaur egg (balloon) for each line. The children race to pass the dinosaur egg down their line, first over their heads and then through their legs! The team who finishes first wins.

Dinosaur Musical Statues: The children stomp around like dinosaurs to the music, and when the music stops they freeze in a dinosaur pose! The last one to stop stomping and freeze is out.

Dinosaur Egg and Spoon Race: Hard boil some eggs and draw spots on them with a pen (optional). Line the children up and have a dinosaur Egg and Spoon race!

Sleeping Dinosaurs: This is a variation on Sleeping Lions. The children must lie down and not move or make a sound. Anyone who does is out. (This is a good one if you want to calm them down!)

Dinosaur Piñata: These are available to buy on amazon and come in a variety of designs. Simply fill with sweets and treats such as stickers, tattoos etc and confetti or torn up tissue paper if you like. Then hang the piñata up and let the children whack it with a soft bat. When it is broken open then shake the remaining treats and confetti over the children and let them gather them up and put in their party bag. Top tip: make sure children who are not taking their go stand well back and keep a few treats back in case of someone missing out on something.

The T-Rex Doughnut Eating Game: string some doughnuts on a string and see who can be first to eat their doughnut with hands held behind backs!

Guess How Many Sweets are in the Jar: to win the jar of sweeties!

Dinosaur Egg Balloon Pass: Line children up in two lines and race to pass the balloon along the line, first over the head and then through the legs!

Flour Mountain: fill a pudding bowl with flour and then turn over to create a flour mountain. Place a jelly dinosaur on top and children take turns to remove a spoonful of flour without toppling the jelly dinosaur. The one who knocks the dinosaur off must eat it with hands behind their back and gets a face full of flour! Top tip: watch out for flour in the children’s eyes and clear up quickly or it will descend into a flour fight!


Party Game

Dinosaur Egg Balloon Race: Line the children up in two lines and race to pass the balloon along the line, keeping it up in the air. You could add extra challenges like only using elbows!



Suggested Running Order

We reckon around two hours is the perfect time for a party to last and between 6 and 8 activities should fill the time.

  1. Put on Party Music
  2. Hand out Dinosaur Masks to your guests as they arrive
  3. Begin with Dinosaur Slime Water Bead Activity (which stragglers can join in with when they arrive)
  4. Free play with balloons and/or another game or activity (see above)
  5. Pin the Skull on the Dinosaur Fossil Game. 
  6. Dinosaur Egg Pass the Parcel (if you have one)
  7. Party Food
  8. Dinosaur Egg Hatch Activity
  9. Free play with balloons or another 1 or 2 games or activities (see above)
  10. Cake
  11. Hand out Party Bags and Swirly Lollipops as they leave.


  • THE MUSICKit & Caboodle have created a Dinosaur Roar playlist on Spotify that you can use at your party. Travel back in time to the Jurassic era, when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Atmospheric, prehistoric jungle sounds and dinosaur film music will set the scene for your Dinosaur Roar Party. Click here for the Kit & Caboodle Dinosaur Roar Spotify Playlist.



Dinosaur party printables

Dinosaur Printable Decorations


  • PREPARE DINOSAUR EGG HATCH ACTIVITY: Remove the packaging and stuff the rubber dinosaurs into the clear polka dot balloons.

Top tip: We have found that the best way to stuff a balloon is to use a funnel or make one out of cardboard. Walk the index and middle fingers of both hands down and into the neck of the balloon, being careful of nails. Carefully stretch the opening over the funnel ensuring that the funnel leads directly into the wider part of the balloon. It is quite easy to tear the balloon so take your time. Then gently feed the dinosaurs into the balloon. If you have trouble with this method then check out our party tips  for an alternative method.

Another tip: For more excitement and a little confetti explosion when eggs are hatched you could put some of your table confetti into the dinosaur egg balloons with the dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Party Activity

  • PREPARE DINOSAUR SLIME WATER BEAD ACTIVITY: Find a large container for your water beads. At least 24 hours before the party, add approximately 1 litre of cold water for each 5g sachet of beads. Leave to soak for 24 hours, then drain the water off. Remove the packaging and hide the plastic dinosaurs in the beads.

Dinosaur Water Beads


  • MAKE AND ICE THE CAKE (if you are making one).




  • BALLOONS AND DECORATIONS: inflate the balloons using the included pump (or you could do this the night before to save time). The standard sized balloons are 11”, the giant green balloons are 36” and the giant silver balloons are 30”.

Top tip: You can use a hair dryer on cold setting to pump up the giant balloons as they can be tricky to do with the balloon pump. First inflate the balloon a little with the pump or your breath then attach to the hair dryer and blow until it is the right size. Try not to over-inflate the balloons as this increases the risk of them popping. Also keep giant balloons out of the sun as we have found they can  pop in direct sunlight! 

Giant balloons are a lot of fun but they can knock things over so make sure you move your valuables from the party room! Take a look at our video tutorial on how to inflate giant balloons with a hair dryer.

Place the Dinosaur Egg balloons for the Dinosaur Egg Hatch game in the balloon bag provided. (We realise the bag is a tad big! – but you could use it to store all the party the balloons if you blow them up the night before and it can also be used for rubbish when it comes to clear up). Then simply drape your fringe garland. Top tip: if your kids are dinosaur mad and you have them you could place dinosaur toys or figures around the party room or tie mini balloons to them!

Dinosaur Party Balloons & Decorations


  • PARTY TABLE: set out your tablecover, paper plates, cups, straws, napkins and sprinkle your confetti over your party table

Dinosaur Party Table


  • PREPARE THE FOOD: see above for ideas.

IMG_3675 (1)


  •  PREPARE THE CAKE: If you have a Cake Decorating Kit, wrap the ribbon around the cake (this should just stick in place if you have butter or cream cheese type icing.) Scatter over your crushed oreos and arrange your dinosaur candle holder. Then place your glitter candles on the top. Finish by sprinkling on your earth shaking popping candy! Top tip: do this just before you serve as it will start popping when you put it on the cake! 


Dinosaur Cake Decorating Kit

Stegosaurus Cake Decorating Kit


  1. Dinosaur Masks
  2. Stick up the Pin the Skull on the Dinosaur Fossil game card and set out the blindfold. Write the party guests’ names on the stickers. Top Tip: we have found that kids are tempted to cheat at this game so you could tie the blindfold on with a scarf if you want to stop any cheating!
  3. Dinosaur Egg balloons in the balloon bag. Top Tip: Get the kids to help tidy up after the game without realising by telling them there is a prize for whoever collects the most broken dinosaur egg! (bits of balloon)  The prize can be something as simple as a pack of fruit dino paws and you can give them all one…
  4. The Dinosaur Slime water beads with the dinosaur prizes hidden in them.


Dinosaur Party Kit




What they should go home with: Top tip label your party bags and make sure kids add any prizes they win during the party so they go home with all their loot.

  1. Swirly lollipop
  2. Dinosaur mask
  3. Prize if they are lucky winner of the Pin the Skull on the Dinosaur Fossil game
  4. Plastic dinosaur prize from the Dinosaur Slime water bead game
  5. Rubber dinosaur prize from the Dinosaur Egg Hatch activity
  6. A slice of cake (optional)
  7. Balloon tied with ribbon (optional but it helps with the tidy up!)


Dinosaur Party Bag

You have fabulous dinosaur masks in your Party Kit but if you fancy a dinosaur costume for the birthday child to complete the look then click on the blue link above.

We hope you have a fun party and your little one has a big day to remember! If you don’t already have a Dinosaur Roar Party Kit they are available from Kit & Caboodle.

Dinosaur Party



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