Throw a Roaring Great Dinosaur Party!

Throw a Roaring Great Dinosaur Party!

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This cool and modern dinosaur party will have your little ones stomping around like their favourite Jurassic friends. If your child is dinosaur mad, thrill them with meringue fossils, skeleton digs and frozen dinosaur eggs!







Dinosaur Party Food Meringue BonesDinosaur Party FoodDinosaur Party FoodDinosaur Party Food

Dinosaur Shapes: cut your sandwiches, biscuits or fruit (like melon) with dinosaur biscuit cutters. We love Delia’s gingerbread cookie recipe because it holds its shape well in baking and tastes gorgeous!

Swamp Veggies: serve individual cups of cut veggies with a dollop of hummus at the bottom. If you’re feeling creative, make dinosaur feet to hang on the edge of the cups by cutting two small triangles out of one side of round cucumber slices.

Meringue Fossils: make simple bone shapes out of meringue. Find an easy piped meringue recipe here.

Dinosaur Eggs: boil eggs for the kids to munch. Leave them plain or impress your guests by gently cracking the shells (already boiled!) all over, then dying them briefly in the same way you would at Easter. Once peeled these eggs have a fab, coloured crackle pattern. Good Housekeeping has easy instructions here.

Pterodactyl Nests: fill store-bought coconut bites with coloured chocolate eggs

Dinosaur Cupcakes: use tiny dinosaur figures as cupcake toppers, or use K&C’s free printable dinosaur cupcake toppers.

Dinosaur Egg Jellies: make small jellies in half-egg shaped moulds (the egg holders that come with refrigerators work well). Before they set, push dinosaur jelly sweets into the centres.

Nibbles: crisps and dip, biscuits and popcorn will fill them up. Bugles ridged, triangular crisps make brilliant dinosaur claws (or teeth) to tie in with the theme.

The Cake: Kit & Caboodle have Dinosaur Cake Decorating Kits (in your choice of Diplodocus, T-Rex, Stegosaurus or Triceratops) to make decorating the cake a breeze.


Dinosaur Cake Decorating KitDinosaur Cake DecorationDinosaur Cake DecorationDinosaur Cake Decoration




Aim to have a mix of active and calmer games. Here are some ideas… you can do most of them using items you already have around the house.

Active Party Games:

Dinosaur Party GamesDinosaur Party GamesDinosaur Party GamesDinosaur Party Games

Dino Stomp: Before the party, paint dinosaur footprints on pieces of bubble wrap. The children stomp like giant dinos and try to pop all the bubbles. You can cut the bubble wrap into individual squares and give a prize to the first child to pop all their bubbles.

Pass the Dinosaur Egg: Children line up in two teams and race to pass balloon “eggs” down their lines, keeping them in the air! (Make it harder for older kids by only allowing them to use their elbows!) If the balloon goes on the floor it has to go back to the start. The team who finishes first wins.

Dinosaur Rescue: Set up an obstacle course with play tunnels, boxes and whatever you have to hand. Place a box at one end with enough dinosaur toys in it for all of your guests. Time the children as they race to rescue a baby dinosaur at the far end and bring it back to their starting point. Give a prize to the fastest rescuer (or let all the children keep their rescued dinosaur).

Dinosaur Dance: Played like musical statues, except that the children freeze into dinosaur poses when the music stops.

Dinosaur Bubbles: Set up a bubble machine and let the children walk around like dinosaurs, popping as many bubbles as they can. This game is very simple, but so much fun for the kids!

Dinosaur Egg Race: Play this as a traditional egg and spoon race, or for summer parties use a small water balloon as the egg.

Dinosaur Piñata: These are available to buy on amazon and come in a variety of designs. Simply fill with sweets and treats such as stickers, tattoos and confetti or torn up tissue paper. Hang the piñata up and let the children whack it with a soft bat to break into the treats!

Quieter Party Games:

Dinosaur Party GamesDinosaur Party GamesDinosaur Party GameDinosaur Party Games

Pass the Dinosaur Egg: Like hot potato but pass a balloon (or a K&C Dinosaur Egg Pass the Parcel!) around the circle.  The child left holding the egg when the music stops is out!

Fossil Dig: Hide dinosaur skeleton toys in individual tubs of plaster and sand. Supply tools (popsicle sticks, metal spoons, manicure sticks) so that the kids can dig for the bones. The Darice Craft Blog has a great DIY guide to making your own fossil dig.

Frozen Dinosaur Eggs: Freeze small dinosaur figures inside water balloons for a fun summer party activity. The kids can use warm water to free their dinos. Instructions and tips for making frozen dinosaur eggs here.

How Many Dino Poops: Fill a jar with Malteasers or similar, and ask the children to guess how many there are. The closest guess wins the jar.

Dinosaur Sand Tray: Pour sand into a deep tray and add a selection of small dinosaur figures, stones and plastic trees so that the kids can use their imaginations to transport themselves back to the Jurassic Period. Kinetic sand adds extra wow factor.

Pass the Parcel: an old favourite! Kit & Caboodle have handmade dinosaur egg pass the parcels to save you the hassle of wrapping your own.

Water Beads: these are fun, little beads that expand in water to squishy balls that children love. There are water beads in the K&C Dinosaur Roar Party Kit.

DINOSAUR PARTY GAMESDinosaur Party Pass the ParcelDinosaur Party Game Water Beads


Dinosaur Party IdeasDinosaur Party DecorationsDinosaur Party IdeasDinosaur Party Ideas

If you’re like me and living in a dino-mad house then you have lots of dinosaur figures lurking around. Put them to work when you decorate for your party – dress them up in tiny hats, dot them on the food table and give the larger ones helium balloons to “hold”. We’ve gone with a modern colour-scheme of bright greens, aqua and silver in our dinosaur party, choosing decorations and tableware to match. A big part of the attraction to dinosaurs for kids is that they were so huge, while children are always reminded how small they are themselves. Play with this idea by mixing balloons of different sizes, from the tiniest minies to the massive metre-tall ones. Check out our easy video tutorial on how to inflate giant balloons.

Dinosaur Party Ideas

Make your life easy on Party day by doing as much set up as possible the day before. Sort any food that can be done in advance, including the cake. Save time on party day by inflating your balloons the night before (unless you are using helium).




Print free dinosaur party decorations (bunting, cupcake toppers and a front door sign) to help you decorate your party. K&C also have exclusive dinosaur invitations to download and print.


Free Dinosaur party printablesDinosaur Party Invitation

For a shortcut to a fun and stylish dinosaur party Kit & Caboodle have a Dinosaur Roar Party Kit, complete with vibrant balloons and decorations, pin the skull on the fossil game, water beads, stylish tableware, cool dinosaur masks, and the all important party bags with goodies!

Dinosaur Party GamesDinosaur Party Bagdinosaur party table

Dinosaur Party

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