Here are some tips to help you have a Fizz Whizzing Chocolate Factory party!

Chocolate Factory Party



  • You have Water Beads in your party kit. In case you’ve never come across them water beads expand in water to create a tub full of of slippery, squishy fun that children love! Don’t forget to hydrate these the day before your party as they need 24 hours to transform (full instructions are below and on the information card in your pack).




Some Ideas for What to Feed Them:

The main: Why not keep it simple with sandwiches, pitta, pasta salad or pizza for the main (make sure you have a vegetarian option).

Vegetables: crudites like carrots, cucumber, peppers and celery which you can serve with hummous are easy to prepare and go down well as do olives and iceberg lettuce.

Fruit: Go for fruit that doesn’t need to be cut up like berries and seedless grapes and fruit that doesn’t spoil when cut like melon and mango…

Treats: A few treats are a must on the party table. Biscuits, popcorn and crisps are usually popular.


Party Food Ideas

Ideas to theme your food:

  • Cut your sandwiches with sweetie or star shaped biscuit cutters
  • Use the biscuit cutters to shape biscuits or to cut out fruit or veg like watermelon or cucumber.
  • Skewer fruit such as blueberries, green grapes, melon and raspberries to make fruity candy canes.
  • Put edible glitter and/or popping candy or hundreds and thousands in popcorn.
  • Dip gingerbread men in melted chocolate to make Augutus Gloops
  • Serve food in edible wafer or brandy snap bowls.
  • Serve chocolate milk
  • Serve Fizzy Lifting lemonade
  • Use a chocolate fountain (if you have one) with strawberries, breadsticks or marshmallows on sticks to dip.


Party Food     IMG_5847-(1)



Here are some ideas for Extra Party Activities you can do with household items

 The Chocolate Game: Children sit in a circle around a breadboard with a bar of chocolate. They take turns to roll the dice. When they get double or a six they must put on a hat, scarf and gloves and try to eat from a bar of chocolate with a knife and fork! This continues until the next person rolls a double or a six…Top tip: have one knife and give the children a fork each for when it is their turn.

Party Game     Party Game

Augustus Gloop Doughnut Eating: String some doughnuts on a string and suspend at the appropriate height for the children. With hands placed behind their backs, see who can be fastest to eat a whole doughnut!

Sweetie Balloon Race: Children line up in two teams with a balloon for each line. They race to pass the sweetie balloon along the line, first over their heads and then through their legs! The team who finishes first wins.

Mountain of Flour: Fill a pudding bowl with flour and pack it in tightly. Turn the bowl upside down on a plate so you have a mountain of flour. Place a jelly baby on top. Children take turns to take away flour with a spoon without disturbing the jelly baby. The one who knocks it off has to eat the jelly baby without using their hands and gets a face full of flour! Top tip: we found that the children wanted to knock the jelly baby off in this game so once it had gone we placed a jelly baby for each of them in the flour and they all had a go at eating one and getting covered in flour! Another tip: watch out for flour getting in children’s eyes and clear this away quickly unless you want it to descend into a flour fight! 

Party Game

Bubbles: If you have a bubble machine or bubble blower this can be fun and reminiscent of the fizzy lifting bubbles in the Gene Wilder film. You could even add a few drops of vanilla essential oil to the bubble mixture for wonka-esque scented bubbles! If you have bubble wrap you could put this on the floor for added whizz-popping fun!

Piñata: These are available to buy on amazon in a variety of designs. You could buy any round piñata such as a football and stick tissue paper on it to turn it into a sweetie piñata. Follow the instructions on our blog to make your own sweetie piñata. Simply fill with sweets and treats such as stickers, tattoos etc and confetti or torn up tissue paper if you like. Then hang the piñata up and let the children whack it with a soft bat. When it is broken open then shake the remaining treats and confetti over the children and let them gather them up and put in their party bag. Top tip: make sure children who are not taking their go stand well back and maybe keep a few treats back in case of someone missing out on something.

How to make a sweetie piñata


Guess How Many Sweets are in the Jar: to win the jar of sweeties!

Balloon Pass: Line the children up in two lines and race to pass the balloon along the line, keeping it up in the air. You could add extra challenges like only using elbows!

Jelly Bean Taste Test: blindfold children and have them eat jelly beans and guess the flavour!

Pass the Orange: sit in a circle and pass the orange around under the chin or with the feet!



Suggested Running Order

We reckon around two hours is the perfect time for a party to last and between 6 and 8 activities should fill the time.

  1. Put on the Party Music
  2. Hand out Groovy Star Glasses to your guests as they arrive
  3. Begin with Candy Necklace Activity (which stragglers can join in with when they arrive)
  4. Free Play with balloons and/or another party game or activity (see above)
  5. Candy Invention Water Bead Activity
  6. Sweetie Pass the Parcel (if you have one)
  7. Party Food
  8. Lickable Wallpaper Activity
  9. Free play with balloons or another 1 or 2 games or activities (see above)
  10. Cake
  11. Hand out Party Bags and Tongue-Painter Swirly Lollipops as they leave.


  • THE MUSIC: Kit & Caboodle have created a Chocolate Factory Playlist on Spotify that you can use at your party. It has highlights from the soundtracks of the 1971 film and the present-day West End production, mixed with sugar-packed retro tunes to set the scene for your Chocolate Factory Party. Click here for the Kit & Caboodle Chocolate Factory Spotify Playlist 


Chocolate Factory Party Printables

Chocolate Factory Printable Decorations


  • PREPARE THE LICKABLE WALLPAPER ACTIVITY: Write the children’s names on the labels provided.


Lickable Wallpaper

  • PREPARE CANDY INVENTION WATER BEAD ACTIVITY : Find a large container for your water beads. At least 24 hours before the party, add approximately 1 litre of cold water for each 5g sachet of beads. Leave to soak for 24 hours, then drain the water off. Remove any packaging and hide the prizes in the beads.

Chocolate Factory Water Beads


  • MAKE AND ICE THE CAKE (if you are making one).


  • MAKE A SWEET SHOP (OPTIONAL):  You could fill some jars with sweets and lollipops to create a sweet shop. These can then be used as prizes.  Top tip: make sure the sweets are out of reach! Another tip: If you don’t want to create your own you could find a picture of a sweet shop on your TV.




  • BALLOONS AND DECORATIONS: inflate the balloons using the included pump (or you could do this the night before to save time). The standard sized balloons are 11”, the giant balloons are 36” and the tiny balloons are 5”.

Top tip: you can use a hair dryer on cold setting to pump up the giant balloons as they can be tricky to do with the balloon pump. First inflate the balloon a little with the pump or your breath then attach to the hair dryer and blow until it is the right size. Try not to over-inflate the balloons as this increases the risk of them popping. Also keep giant balloons out of the sun as we have found they can pop in direct sunlight! Giant balloons are a lot of fun but they can knock things over so move your valuables from the party room! Take a look at our video tutorial on how to do inflate giant balloons with a hair dryer. 

Then simply drape your fringe garland.

Chocolate Factory Balloons & garland

  • PARTY TABLE: set out your tablecover, paper plates, cups, straws, napkins and sprinkle your confetti over your party table


Chocolate Factory Party Table

  • PREPARE THE FOOD: See above for ideas.


  • PREPARE THE CAKE: If you have a Lollipop Cake Decorating Kit, scatter your sprinkles over the top, arrange your swirly lollipops and glitter candles. Finish by sprinkling on your whizz popping candy. Top tip: do this just before you serve as it will start popping when you put it on the cake!


Cake Decorating Kit

Lollipop Cake Decorating Kit


  1. Groovy star glasses
  2. Stick up your lickable wallpaper at the lickable height for the children (you can use the labels or blue tack to stick it to the wall). Top Tip: make sure label is still attached when you remove it from the wall and children can take their wallpaper home with them.
  3. The Edible Candy Necklaces Froot Loops and strawberry laces. You might like to divide the Froot Loops out into individual containers or keep them in one or two bowls so all the colours are available.
  4. The Candy Invention water beads with the prizes hidden in them.

Edible Candy Necklace




What they should go home with: Top tip label your party bags and make sure kids add any prizes they win during the party to their bag so they go home with all their loot. 

  1. Swirly Tongue-Painter Lollipop
  2. Groovy Star Glasses
  3. Their Candy Necklace (if it hasn’t been eaten!)
  4. Touchable bubbles prize from the Candy Invention water bead game
  5. Lickable Wallpaper sheet
  6. A slice of cake (optional)
  7. Balloon tied with ribbon (optional but it helps with the tidy up!)



You have fabulous Groovy Star Glasses in your Party Kit but if you want a Purple Top Hat to complete the look then click on the link above.

We hope you have a fun party and your little one has a big day to remember! If you don’t already have a Chocolate Factory Party Kit they are available from Kit & Caboodle.

Giant balloon





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